1. 25 Sep, 2019 13 commits
  2. 24 Sep, 2019 14 commits
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      Account for mysterious 10 bytes between items array and integers array. · 53a1ef4a
      deuce authored
      Set lastsave to the current minute number.  This may be used for update.tmp
      or something?
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      Fixed typos. · 0173c7ee
      rswindell authored
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      Do the rest of the document REF commands. · 1b0a4fa7
      deuce authored
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      Moved to xtrn/minesweeper · bc169129
      rswindell authored
      Created sysop documentation (.txt file)
      If you were a lucky "early adopter" and had rev 1.7 running on your BBS
      you probably noticed the following important changes introduced in rev 1.8:
      * exec/minesweeper.js was moved to xtrn/minesweeper/minesweeper.js
      * text/minesweeper.hlp was moved to xtrn/minesweeper/minesweeper.hlp
      * data/minesweeper.json was moved to xtrn/minesweeper/winners.jsonl
      If you already had game winners and want to retain them in the list, copy
      or rename the data/minesweeper.jsonl to xtrn/minesweeper/winners.jsonl.
      If you don't care, the game will run fine and new winners will be added to
      the new/correct filename.
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      Fix AddForestGold to reply OK. · d76c5ebb
      deuce authored
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      More REF stuff from documentation and from scripts. · 21e06546
      deuce authored
      All that's left is: lordrank rank whoison overheadmap chooseplayer
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      Some fixes needed by Complete New World. · ed59cae7
      deuce authored
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      Too many changes to list... but this is enough to get to Greentree and do · 13b647cb
      deuce authored
      the obvious things there as well as train to a higher level.
      This also uses UPPERCASE for filenames for the nonce since it allows A/B
      testing with the last released version of LORD 2.
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      Allow @-code format modifiers to be separated from the code-name/argument · 6ae9dbb4
      rswindell authored
      with a pipe (|) symbol, rather than a '-'. This accomplishes 2 things:
      - code:args can be used again with format-modifiers as pipe (|) is an illegal
        filename char in all supported OSes.
      - multiple format modifers can be specified for some may (now) be combined.
      * New format modifier 'T' (for thousands separated), adds separator (,) between
        thousands in numeric expanded @-codes. May be combined with other format
        modifiers when using the pipe-syntax (not the dash).
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      Fix the bug introduced into this copy/pasted version of ultoac · 1e341998
      rswindell authored
      (unsigned-long to ASCII with commas) in rev 1.68 (addressing warnings).
      A size_t (i) can't go negative. Duh.
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      A bunch more details added about difficulty levels and such. · 909f0ced
      rswindell authored
      A little prettier.
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      Installation comments added. · 659c2703
      rswindell authored
      If the script crashes with an unhandled exception, posts a message to me
      in syncdata with the details, automatically.
      Use lower intensity colors for most of the indicators.
      When a cell with a digit is selected, highlight the surrounding cells with
      high-intensity colors (very helpful for the game play!).
      Guarantee that the first cell uncovered won't be a mine (thanks, Nelgin!)
      Winner syncdata messages now include an MD5 sum so it's not so trivial for
      sysops to edit their messages and "cheat" the scoring/ranking parameters.
      Strip control codes (including Ctrl-A sequences) from syncdata msgs before
      trying to JSON.parse() them, thanks Nelgin!
      Allow the 'F' key to start the game.
      Start with the selected cell being the center of the board.
      The '5' key (middle of numpad) will move to center of board.
      Don't abort game on Ctrl-C press.
      When [N]ew Game is selected a game is in progress, prompt "New Game (Y/N)"?
      When [Q]uit Game is selected a game is in progress, prompt user.
      Added support for "nocls" cmdline option.
      Added support for number of winners to be specified on cmdline when the
      "winners" cmd is used.
      Thanks to Nelgin for many of his suggestions and test results.
      Need more testers and feedback!
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      Add support for the fight command. · a20ef0b5
      deuce authored
      This was the last major piece for basic game functionality.  Next up is the
      multi-player features like mail, chat, online battles, then it's down to
      finishing up all the keywords.
  3. 23 Sep, 2019 13 commits