1. 02 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      Clamp the initial paragraph allocation size to 4k rather than whatever the · ec0a804a
      deuce authored
      old line length was.  Some usage specifies a huge old line length (such as
      1<<30) to indicate that it's already one line perparagraph.  In thise case,
      word_unwrap() would allocate oldlen+1 bytes to store the paragraph data in
      regardless of it never really being that long.
      Also, check the return value of word_unwrap().  Not checking it caused a `
      crash with triggered finding the above mentioned bug.
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      Fix bug reported by KenDB3: · 2d9f13ba
      rswindell authored
      The JS-modeled user object's ip_address and host_name property values did not
      reflect the current connection during logon events (JS modules executed during
      logon, e.g. logon.js). Moved the initialization of the current user
      (sbbs_t::useron) ipaddr and comp field to sbbs_t::logon() rather than when
      control returns to sbbs_t::answer(). Removed the (now) redundant saves of these
      user fields from answer().
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      Fix bug introduced in rev 1.74 of this file (Aug-22-2015, by Deuce): · 8dd15799
      rswindell authored
      The "Start with message number" prompt for the [F]ind text command would
      always start searching at message #64 due to typo (i=64 rather than i=i64).
      Maybe 'i64' isn't a good variable name.
  6. 14 Dec, 2015 1 commit
  7. 10 Dec, 2015 3 commits
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      Change TO_NET and FROM_NET @-code logic and revert last change to show_msghdr() · 9b5374c4
      rswindell authored
      - it actually *is* an expected condition that a to_net.addr or from_net.addr
      msg header field is populated with a valid address (string) even though the
      to_net.type or from_net.type value is NET_NONE.
      The nntpservice.js and newslink.js modules rely on this behavior to display
      and export local NNTP-posters' email addresses in message headers, but still be
      able to identify newslink-imported messages as *not* local (the from_net.type =
      NET_INTERNET) and thus not export them back to the network.
      This was not the original intention behind these header fields in SMB, but it
      was retrofitted to support this condition 10+ years ago and I forgot.
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      Fix bug new bug introduced in previous commit to this file: · 0c7cacdd
      rswindell authored
      In smb_hfield_add_netaddr(), if the net_type is specifically set to NET_NONE
      and passed to this function, do not return SMB_ERR_NOT_FOUND (-110). This
      allows the nntpservice.js, for example, to create a message that is technically
      "local", but with a from_net_addr (the NNTP-posters email address).
    • rswindell's avatar
      Fix crash in create_netmail(() introduced in last commit, when processing · de7dbd0a
      rswindell authored
      area-fix requests or generating any netmail not from the mail base.
  8. 07 Dec, 2015 8 commits
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      Fixed problem observed on Vertrauen (Win32), but possibly nowhere else: · 5ea5ca05
      rswindell authored
      When using the SBBSCTRL:User->List menu option, it would take minutes for the
      form to fully populate and display (1457 users). It turned out this was due to
      a 200ms delay for each open of the data/user.dat file.
      I never noticed this problem before, but I went ahead and optimized for this
      situation since it was a bit silly to be opening
      and closing the user.dat almost 1500 times to get a list of users. This made a
      huge difference and the user list appears in about 4 seconds now.
      Oddly, this problem does not happen when listing users in the terminal server
      or when iterating through them in JavaSciprt (e.g. userlist.js).
    • rswindell's avatar
      Split getuserdat() into 3 functions: · fb441e4e
      rswindell authored
      - openuserdat()
      - readuserdat()
      - parseuserdat()
      getuserdat() still exists and just calls those 3 functions. This allows other
      code (e.g. the control panel) to optimize iterative calls to getuserdat() by
      opening the file just once or even reading the entire contents at once and then
      parsing each user record from memory.
      Updated style of arguments in userdat.h (i.e. remove argument name if obvious
      from the type).
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      Address a couple of concerns from Accession: · fb7ff33b
      rswindell authored
      Don't add TZUTC kludge lines to exported netmail and echomail messages when
      there is already a TZUTC FidoNet control line in the message header (unexpected
      but apparently, GoldEd+ does this).
      If there are other duplicate FTN control/kludge lines created by SBBSecho
      exporting messages added to SMBs by GoldEd+, we should address those too, even
      though I believe in most cases, you should configure the editor to *not* add
      these header fields in the first place.
      Do not convert exisiting Origin Line's to effectively comments (replacing *
      with # in " * Origin") if the current sub-board has been configured to not add
      network tag/origin-lines.
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      New @-codes: MSG_TO_NETTYPE and MSG_FROM_NETTTYPE. · 51848214
      rswindell authored
      Bug-fix: MSG_TO_NET would not expand properly (to a blank string) when the
      to_net.type header value was NET_NONE.
    • rswindell's avatar
      Changes to sbbs_t::msghdr() - used by (H)eader command: · 1397808c
      rswindell authored
      Display translated to/from/reply net-type (from numeric to string).
    • rswindell's avatar
      Change to sbbs_t::show_msghdr(): · 80c92968
      rswindell authored
      Don't include the to/from network-arddress in the displayed header if the
      net-type value is NET_NONE (not a normal/expected combination).
    • rswindell's avatar
      Changes to smb_dump_msghdr() - used by smbutil and chksmb: · f2d9dd37
      rswindell authored
      Include name of to/from/reply net-type.
      Include to-extension value last on the "To" line.
    • rswindell's avatar
      Attempt to get rid fo gcc warnings about "enumeration value not handled in · 1152d74a
      rswindell authored
      switch" by  creating a default case.
  9. 06 Dec, 2015 4 commits
  10. 05 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      Send all log messages to statfp (defaults to stderr) instead of confp (defaults · 00b534ac
      deuce authored
      to stdout).
      Previous behaviour was:
      1) By default, send error messages to errfp (stderr), and other log messages to
         confp (stdout).
      2) If -e and one of -o or -q are specified, also send a copy of error messages
         to statfp (defaults to stderr, changed to /dev/null by -n)
      3) If -e is specified, also send a copy of error messages to confp (defaults to stdout)
      If -e, -o, were both specified, this resulted in an error log entry going into the file
      specified by -e, the file specified by -o, and confp (stdout by default).
      New behaviour:
      1) By default, send error messages to errfp (stderr), and other log messages to statfp
      2) If -e is specified, send error messages to the specified file and statfp (stderr).
      3) Always send status messages to statfp (stderr).
      Set up some more stuff for jsdoor...
      Call gethostname() since there is no "SCFG value" for it.
      Send "status messages" (log messages that aren't errors, and the banner) to
      /dev/null by default (ie: force the "-n" argument)
      Send "error messages" (log messages that are error according to log level) to
      "error.log" by default (ie: force the "-eerror.log" argument)
  11. 04 Dec, 2015 12 commits
  12. 03 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • rswindell's avatar
      Bug-fix/enhancement: Allow QWKnet netmail to be sent using the JavaScript · d2892791
      rswindell authored
      MsgBase.save_msg() method. The bug was that it was forcing the idx.to value to
      0 which would only work (in theory) for mail going to a QWKnet hub.
      Now, save_msg() will check the 'to_net_addr' property of the header object
      (or recipient objects) and actually verify that it/they are routeable QWKnet
      address(es) and throw an exception if not.
      If the first hop is a QWKnet node, sets the to_ext (and thus, idx.to value) to
      the account number of the node. This also looks up full-routes via the
      route.dat and replaces the to_net_addr value with the full route if necessary.
      I guess nobody (including me) tried sending QWKnet netmail via JS before.