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      New feature: control of SPAM visibility when reading mail on the Terminal · d18bd3bd
      rswindell authored
      Server via the new 'V' command from the Reading Mail prompt allows you to
      toggle between all mail (including SPAM, the default), SPAM only, or HAM only.
      Also added a new '/' (search text) command from the reading mail prompts.
      Mail imported before the mailsrvr added support (recently) for the MSG_SPAM
      attribute flag will not be counted/filtered as SPAM.
      SBBSecho will have a commit (next) to support the new loadmail() usage, it
      will not compile until then.
  6. 23 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      * Implemented support for new LIB_DIRS option: · 11e529d4
      rswindell authored
        Automatically detect child sub-directories and make them available as virtual
        directories for users to download from - only useful via FTP currently.
      * Implemented Sorting options for Message Groups and File Libraries:
        Sub-boards within groups and directories within library can now be
        automatically sorted based on the sysop's chosen sort field (long name, short
        name, or internal code)
        - Required that sub-boards are now stored/saved in msgs.cnf based on groups
        - Required QWKnet hub sub-board reference dynamic renumbering
      * Implemented "Template" toggle option for sub-boards and file directories:
        A sub-board or directory marked as "template" will be used for newly created
        (or imported) subs/dirs for that group/lib. Clone Options via SCFG will now
        use the "template" item as the source of the cloned settings, if available.
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      Error messages logged with errormsg() now contain the name of the C/C++ · b4b6713e
      rswindell authored
      function where the error is being reported from. So the WHERE macro now
      contains the __FUNCTION__ "macro" and the various js*.c files that use the
      WHERE macro to report errors had to be updated too.
      Also, the 'access' argument is now being passed as a signed long rather than
      unsigned long. Status/return values are often passed in here (e.g. from smblib)
      and may be negative. This argument was being displayed with %ld but wasn't
      being passed in as a signed value, so on 64-bit long systems, negative numbers
      were just printed as large (4M+) numbers.
      Also, no need to call getfname() in errormsg() since this is embedded in the
      WHERE macro (since 2009).
  14. 27 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Added new sub-scan mode: SCAN_POLLS (used to scan sub-boards for posted polls) · b14e9904
      rswindell authored
      Introduced a better progress indicator (similar to poll results), using the
      backfill() method. 2 new attr.cfg fields allow the progress indicator colors to
      be configured separately from poll results (though they default to the same
      white on magenta). This new progress indicator is used when loading msg ptrs
      and scanning for votes. I will be using it while performing other searches
      (e.g. file libraries/dirs) as well.
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      New QWKnet hub configuration settings (with defaults): · 40b2188a
      rswindell authored
      - Include Kludge Lines     (Yes)
      - Include VOTING.DAT File   (Yes)
      - Include HEADERS.DAT File   (Yes)
      - Extended (QWKE) Packets    (No)
      - Exported Ctrl-A Codes    (Strip)
      SBBS/QWKnet nodes now have more control over the REP packet files created
      by their systems. If the "uplink" (hub) is complaining about receiving
      unsupported files (e.g. VOTING.DAT) or kluge lines (e.g. @TZ), just turn them
      Also, Ctrl-A codes may now be retained in QWKnetmail. And the @REPLYTO kludge
      line enabled for the first time (!).
  16. 21 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Change MsgBase.get_user_votes() to MsgBase.how_user_voted(). · 0b984ab1
      rswindell authored
      New MsgBase header propeties:
      - total_votes (total number of votes this msg or poll has received)
      - tally[], an array of 16 numbers indicating the total votes for each poll answer
        in the case of a normal message, tally[0] is the same as upvotes and tally[1]
        is the same as downvotes.
      This should complete what echicken needs to display polls and voting results
      in his web UI.
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      Message voting via QWKnet is now fully implemented: · 74902cee
      rswindell authored
      - Users can be restricted from voting with the 'V' restriction
      - Sub-boards can be disalbled for voting in SCFG
      - VOTING.DAT can be include/excluded from QWK packets via user cfg
        (when a VOTING.DAT is received in a REP, the user cfg flag is auto-set)
      - Adds several new text.dat lines (if not present in yours, uses the default)
      What's not yet implemented:
      - Notification of votes on your posted messages
      - Method to view/audit all votes
      - Polling
      - Any special handling to auto-exclude votes from msg-related JavaScripts
  21. 08 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Inspired by the U.S. presdential election: · 68a90f31
      rswindell authored
      The beginnings of an SMB-based voting system - very experimental:
      The concept is that a "vote" message can be used to reply to:
      1. A normal message, as either an upvote or a downvote, ala social media
      2. A poll, polls can either allow a single choice answer or multiple answers
      Vote messages won't be visible as normal messages (e.g. when reading messages
      online) and SMB processing software (e.g. SBBSecho) should ignore these
      messages because they have no body text.
      Polls are going to need more work, but the idea is to have the poll question as
      a single (newly defined) hfield and the possible answers as dfields.
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      Resolve FAQ: · 7a96e2b3
      rswindell authored
      Don't report a JavaScript warning ("Disconnected") until the OperationCallback
      has been executed 10 times with the user offline. This gives the executing
      script ample time to recognize the disconnected state and exit gracefully.
      Script that do not check/notice that the user has disconnected will still be
      auto-terminated (by default) and this warning will still be logged in those
      cases. The value 10 was picked at random and appears to work fine.
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      Update to 3.17a · dbbfabf1
      deuce authored
      New Features:
      - Multiple bindings for each service
        Use comma-separated interfaces on Interface= lines in the ini file.
        Default is now ",::"
      - IPv6 support
      - TLS support for the webserver and (non-static) services
        New TLS option in services.ini (ie: Options=TLS)
      - Decrease LEN_SCAN_CMD to 35 chars, increase the CID field to 45 chars,
        and rename the MAIL_CMD string to IPADDR.  I think this frees up the
        note field for SysOp use.
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      Implemented the SCAN_UNREAD mode bit for scansubs(), scanallsubs(), · 0d51d960
      rswindell authored
      scanposts(), and listsub(). These functions are exposed in the JS 'bbs' object
      as scan_subs(), scan_msgs(), and list_msgs().
      Wherease previously, all of "your messages" (messages addressed to you)
      would be found/displayed if the user answered (Y)es to the "Subjects Only?"
      prompt, and only un-read message (to you) would be displayed if they answered
      (N)o to the "Subjects Only?", providing long-standing confusion about the
      different behavior, now the user is prompted whether to display un-read
      messages only (in scansubs/scanallsubs), and in the case of the logon
      question to "Search all subs for un-read messages to you?", only un-read
      messages are listed/displayed, regardless of how the user answers the
      "Subjects Only?" question.
      SCAN_UNREAD is only applicable when combined with SCAN_TOYOU.
      Added new commands to the msg reading prompt: 'N' (list new messages), 'U'
      list un-read messages to-you.
      2 new text.dat entries: DisplayUnreadMessagesOnlyQ and NoMessagesFound
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      * Eliminated the sbbs.ini [BBS] Options flag: USE_2ND_RLOGIN · b45af31d
      rswindell authored
      - this option has been a default option flag for 10 years
      - this option was introduced *before* the RLogin password capability
      - Synchronet now always expects the login-ID (alias) to be the 2nd string
      received during RLogin connections (called 'server-user-name' in RFC 1282.
      * Now storing the complete terminal type/speed string received during RLogin
      connection in the bbs.rlogin_terminal property (sbbs_t.rlogin_term in C++).
      * bbs.rlogin_gate() is over-hauled:
      - arguments are: address, client-user-name, server-user-name, terminal, mode
      - if existing JS module assumes this to be: address, server-user-name, password
        those scripts will need to be updated to reflect the correct argument order
      - all arguments beyond the first are now optional
      - the terminal string can now be passed-in
      * Deprecated the telnet gateway option: TG_SENDPASS (the 'password' if desired
      to be sent as the 'client-user-name' can be specified as an argument and this
      option sent the password as the *second* RLogin string ('server-user-name'),
      which was always wrong.
      * sbbs_t::telnet() can now accept the terminal string as an optional argument.
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      Added support for a new "user event": local/sysop chat · 7023369c
      rswindell authored
      If an external progarm is configured (in SCFG->External Progarms) is configured
      to "execute on event" set to "Local/Sysop Chat", then that program will be
      executed when the remote user is "pulled" into sysop-chat (e.g. via F10 key in
      sbbsctrl) rather than running the normal built-in chat.
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      removed TG_SENDPASS flag from bbs.telnet_gate/sbbsdefs.h · 04d2b5d4
      mcmlxxix authored
      added bbs.rlogin_gate method: bbs.rlogin(addr,user,pass,mode);
      disable "raw input" mode for rlogin_gate connections. not sure why this is the fix or why it was the problem, but no side effects are noted at this time.
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