1. 24 Feb, 2022 17 commits
  2. 23 Feb, 2022 7 commits
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      Fix Windows build: filedat.c now requires utf8.h · 0c22965d
      Rob Swindell authored
      And a couple of projects didn't have the encode directory in their include path.
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      Fix issue with blind/batch uploaded file descriptions · baccf391
      Rob Swindell authored
      When no file description was provided (e.g. blind/batch file uploads), I noticed that the short file description (summary) could be set to "(null)". This problem was introduced in commit bc7030d3 with the sbbsfile.des creation and post-processing support.
      I also noticed that the extended description processing in sbbs_t::uploadfile() was not entirely consistent with other methods of adding/uploading files. Let prep_file_desc() do its just of processing the extended description into a suitable short description/summary (including truncation).
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      Strip CP437 "graphics" characters in prep_file_desc() · 067556d7
      Rob Swindell authored
      If the extended description is UTF-8, first convert it to CP437.
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      Add strip_cp437_graphics() and have strip_ctrl() remove DEL chars too · a710f6ff
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      strip_cp437_graphics() is like strip_exascii(), except it'll leave the foreign language characters and math symbols intact (removing just the common "block" and "line-drawing" characters).
      DEL (0x7F) is a control character too, so have strip_ctrl() remove it.
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      Increase maximum extended file description length from 4000 to 5000 · 891f8c56
      Rob Swindell authored
      Apparently 4000 characters isn't enough for everyone to describe their files in vibrant colors and "graphics". :-)
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      Save instant message history (notifications and telegrams) · 0c9513fd
      Rob Swindell authored
      This should address issue (feature request) #196.
      The last 20 sets of displayed messages are stored as data/msgs/<user-num>.last.#.msg. This number is currently hard-coded, but could be configurable in the future. I say "sets" because messages are batched-up and displayed together normally, unless a user is actively polling for new users (e.g. while at the Ctrl-P/PrivateMsg prompt).
      This involved getting rid of some copy/pasta in sbbs_t:getsmsg() as well by creating/using/reusing readsmsg().
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      Update JSDOCs on timer-related methods · 78ae75b3
      Rob Swindell authored
      - setInterval() returns a Number, not an Object.
      - typos fixed
      - markup added
  3. 22 Feb, 2022 2 commits
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      Fix network user/address look-up (using qnet/users.dat) · c7b1bed6
      Rob Swindell authored
      The QWKnet user look-up feature was broken as of commit e4fc5d04 (a year ago).
      Just noticed this regression as Andre asked in IRC about looking up network users for netmail. This feature worked for QWKnet users/addresses, at least, and now will work again.
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      Timed event "month days" value of 1 means "any day" (same as 0) · 9d359582
      Rob Swindell authored
      This field should not normally have a value of '1' (no way to configure that, normally, since days are numbered starting at 1 and bit 1 is 2), but if it does, it's treated the same as 0 (any day of the month) - so fix that mismatch in getnexteventtime(). Just noticed this while comparing the logic with the new is_time_to_run() functions in main.cpp. That logic wasn't (should not have) changed, so this mismatch in the treatment of mdays == 1 existed before.
  4. 21 Feb, 2022 3 commits
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      Refactor timed-event and QWKnet call-out scheduling · b269b65a
      Rob Swindell authored
      Reduced probably the biggest if() conditionals in sbbs to a single line by breaking the "time to run" logic into separate functions and sharing those functions between both QWKnet and timed-event scheduling. There was no actual problem with this code/logic, it was just very difficult to read and understand and step-through with a debugger and understand why or why not an event might run under different configurations and circumstances.
      Also removed the PostLink network call-out logic. pnet.dab is no longer read and written-to and if you happened to have any PostLink hubs configured (how?!?), they'll no longer be "polled". This is the only functional change unless I did something wrong in the process.
      One thing I noticed and contemplated, the current time is not queried between consecutive timed-event scheduling/execution. It's possible that an executed event can take a long time and impact the criteria for the next timed event. The events are checked for scheduling every few seconds, so I can't really think of a big down-side to the current design (apparently intended to reduce unnecessary querying of the current date/time), so I didn't do anything to change that. Just something I noticed.
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      Rename "Allow Sysop Login" option to "Allow Sysop Access" · a8a6ca22
      Rob Swindell authored
      With this option set to "No", sysops can still login, they just can't perform most sysop functions.
      Updated System Password help text to clarify that the "Allow Sysop Access" option effectively disables the system password. Also mention the FTP Server use of the system password to enable sysop access.
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      Change the semantics of the "Allow Sysop Logins" setting in SCFG->System · 3632b9c3
      Rob Swindell authored
      As Andre pointed out while documenting this setting on the wiki, the option seemed confusing: if a sysop could not login with "system operator access", how could they login at all? Answer: they could not.
      This setting used to be called "Allow Remote Sysop Logins", back when there was the concept of a "local login", so setting this option to "No" would mean that user accounts with sysop access could only be used for *local* login. But in Synchronet v3, there's really no such concept as a "local login", so it was changed to just "Allow Sysop Logins" (period) and not a lot of thought given to how/why a sysop would actually set to this "No" or what the implications would be (presumably, nobody ever sets this to "No").
      So rather than just get rid if the option altogether, I changed it to mean: an account with sysop access (i.e. level 90+) can still login, but any action that normally requires the system password will not be allowed. This includes the sysop-actions available in the FTP server when authenticating with <user-pass>:<system-pass> as the password. The sysop-user can still authenticate (and login), but none of those sysop-actions will be available to them.
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      Clear mouse hot spots (if any) before hanging up. · dbf0a87a
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      <nelgin> Ah, here's a good one. If I ssh to my bbs server, then ssh to my bbs, do whatever then /O to logout, when I left click in the putty window I get "0;98;20M0;98;20m and stuff like that. I have to run reset to get it working properly.