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      The "stdio" File objects (stdin, stdout, stderr) did not work on Windows, · 7acadb70
      rswindell authored
      because the stdout FILE* is a different address in jsexec than it is in sbbs.dll
      (where the actual File I/O operations occurred). Refactored by passing the
      stdio file descriptor (and open mode) to js_CreateFileObject rather than the
      FILE* and using fdopen() to get a FILE* associated with the descriptor.
      stdout.write() now works, for example.
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      Allow specific items (e.g. subs, dirs, xtrns, events, editors) to be · e611b31b
      rswindell authored
      selected/included with the -inc=<code> option or excluded with the
      -exc=<code> option.
      Fixed a problem where some item types did not have a 'code' property
      (this is a difficiency in the JS object model that will be fixed in the
      future - but a work-around is to just use the associative-array 'index'
      value if the 'code' property does not exist).
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      Fix long-standing bug: if jsexec was passed any option which requires a · c1c465b0
      rswindell authored
      parameter value and no value was supplied (e.g. 'jsexec -c'), a null pointer
      dereference would cause the program to crash.
      Also display more helpful error if option parameter value is missing.
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