Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 16 Jul, 2019 4 commits
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      Move login username/number parsing into a the C++ code (from login.js) since we · be7a590d
      rswindell authored
      need that internal for SSH and RLogin support of fast-logons.
      So, now, even if logging in via SSH or Rlogin, the sys_status SS_FASTLOGON
      flag will be set when the user specifies "!username-or-number" during logon and
      then the logon.js can use that to determine what to display (or not) to the
      user, during logon.
      The QWK logon support ("*username-or-number") is also handled in this new
      sbbs_t method: parse_login().
      This means the fast_logon_char is no longer configurable (hard-coded to '!')
      and the modopts.ini options are going to be parsed by logon.js from the [logon]
      section (not the [login] section).
      You still must set fast_logon=true in the [logon] section of modopts.ini to
      enable the fast-logon option for users.
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      2 changes: · 570ea3a0
      rswindell authored
      Always parse/strip the fast_logon_char (default: '!') from the login name
      /number. This way if users get used to logging in in this fashion, it won't
      stimy them if the sysop disables the feature.
      Added fast_logon_requirements option (default: blank) which is an optional
      ARS to limit fast logon support to specific user-groups.
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      Added support for "fast logons". This feature must be enabled by the sysop · c1692d43
      rswindell authored
      by setting fast_logon=true in the [login] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file.
      A user can choose a fast logon by prefixing their user name or number with
      '!' (configurable via 'fast_logon_char'). This option tells logon.js to
      skip the logon menus and logon events.
      The logon.js just looks for bbs.fast_logon==true, so if you have your own
      method of detecting a fast logon (e.g. a logon matrix menu or a prompt of the
      user), then you could just set bbs.fast_logon=true and continue to use the
      stock logon.js.
      Other ideas (not implemented):
      - a minimum security level (or ARS) required to allow fast logons
      - a notice to the user that fast logons are available (enabled)
      - option to skip logon menus but not logon events, or vice-versa
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      Create aliases for the MAILW:<num>, MAILP:<num>, and SPAMW:<num> @-codes: · 4c44bf61
      rswindell authored
        MAILW#<num>, MAILP#<num>, SPAMW#<num>
      These codes, unlike the colon-variants, can be combined with format modifiers
      (e.g. -L, etc.).
  2. 15 Jul, 2019 14 commits
  3. 14 Jul, 2019 9 commits
  4. 13 Jul, 2019 7 commits
  5. 12 Jul, 2019 6 commits
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      Missing semicolon. · 7e9a74b1
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      Fix error handling. · 38188ec0
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      Add more control sequences: · c9432ec2
      deuce authored
      CSI Pn Y - Cursor Line Tabulation
      CSI Pn SP c - Tab Stop Remove
      CSI Pn k - Line Position Backward
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      Put the number of directory items in the title. · 5734e721
      deuce authored
      Requested by mortifis.
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      Add more standard sequences. · 07a6e853
      deuce authored
      CSI Pn b (Repeat previous char)
      	Actually mildly useful... repeat any character.
      CSI Ps d (Line position absolute)
      	Moves to a specific row without changing column.
      	Mildly useful.
      CSI Pn a (Cursor forward)
      	Identical to CSI Pn C
      CSI Pn ` (Absolute position in line)
      	Identical to CSI Pn G
      ESC H (Add Tab Stop)
      	ie: Break everything else that uses tabs this session.
      CSI Pn g (Clear Tabs)
      	ie: Break everything else that uses tabs this session.
      CSI 2 $ w (Request Tab Report)
      	So, maybe it can be fixed after you break it!  Yay!
      ESC M (Reverse Line Feed)
      	Basically up one line.  Not really useful since we have cursor up.
      CSI Ps e (Line position relative)
      	Identical to CSI Pn B