Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 16 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      Move login username/number parsing into a the C++ code (from login.js) since we · be7a590d
      rswindell authored
      need that internal for SSH and RLogin support of fast-logons.
      So, now, even if logging in via SSH or Rlogin, the sys_status SS_FASTLOGON
      flag will be set when the user specifies "!username-or-number" during logon and
      then the logon.js can use that to determine what to display (or not) to the
      user, during logon.
      The QWK logon support ("*username-or-number") is also handled in this new
      sbbs_t method: parse_login().
      This means the fast_logon_char is no longer configurable (hard-coded to '!')
      and the modopts.ini options are going to be parsed by logon.js from the [logon]
      section (not the [login] section).
      You still must set fast_logon=true in the [logon] section of modopts.ini to
      enable the fast-logon option for users.
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      Create aliases for the MAILW:<num>, MAILP:<num>, and SPAMW:<num> @-codes: · 4c44bf61
      rswindell authored
        MAILW#<num>, MAILP#<num>, SPAMW#<num>
      These codes, unlike the colon-variants, can be combined with format modifiers
      (e.g. -L, etc.).
  2. 15 Jul, 2019 4 commits
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      Fix issues with the feature added in rev 1.96 by deuce, Jun 17 2012: · 08a95e22
      rswindell authored
      Setting[1-4], exemptions, or restrictions to a string value
      would result in unexpected modified values:
      1. The exiting flags were all based on the current value of flags1 (copy/paste
          error it appears)
      2. The set/removed/added flags were all "off-by-one" because str_to_bits()
          treats 'A' as bit-1, not bit-0.
      emailval.js is now using this feature and PSI-Jack reported the "interesting"
      behavior. :-)
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      Fix long-standing issue with File.attributes on Windows: the value *read* · 16e4d35d
      rswindell authored
      was based on _finddata_t.attrib value while the value *written* was based on
      struct stat.st_mode, and totally incompatible.
      Just use the stat/chmod compatible value for both read and write (for all
      OSes). If you need the old Windows-centric attribute values (e.g. to determine
      "hidden" or "archive" attributes), use file_attrib() instead.
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      New global JS function: file_mode() · f1ed1c6b
      rswindell authored
      This function behaves the same as file_attrib() on *nix, but on Windows,
      file_mode() returns a *nix/stat style st_mode value (compatible with
      file_chmod) while file_attrib() returns the struct _finddata_t 'attrib' value,
      which is a quite different value (e.g. indicates Windows/DOS centric file
      attributes like "archive", "hidden", etc.) and is *incompatible* with
      file_chmod(). So if you're going to modify a file's permissions (mode), use
      file_mode() to read them and file_chmod() to save them.
      file_attrib() should really only be used on Windows and only for checking for
      attributes like "hidden", "archive", etc. (which don't exist on *nix).
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      Fix bug in previous commit (this is getting a bit rediculous). Don't add the · dd9d7cd0
      rswindell authored
      "dirs" sub-dir to a sysop-defined directory-specific data directory.
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