Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 07 Feb, 2013 11 commits
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      added event handler support to layout objects: Layout.onOpen/onClose,... · 974f2ef6
      mcmlxxix authored
      added event handler support to layout objects: Layout.onOpen/onClose, LayoutView.onOpen/onClose/onEnter/onExit, ViewTab.onEnter/onExit.
      (events are undefined by default). updated shitting documentation.
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      Updated the SlyEdit documentation for v1.20. Also added the SlyEdit upgrading... · b1cfbf66
      nightfox authored
      Updated the SlyEdit documentation for v1.20.  Also added the SlyEdit upgrading notes file from the SlyEdit package, which contains important notes about upgrading from previous versions.
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      For SlyEdit v1.20: Added a configuration option to SlyEdit to enable/disable... · 39005bac
      nightfox authored
      For SlyEdit v1.20: Added a configuration option to SlyEdit to enable/disable cross-posting (allowCrossPosting).  It's enabled by default.  Also, added color settings to the color theme files for the cross-post selection box.
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      SlyEdit version 1.20: · ce18a93a
      nightfox authored
      - Added a cross-posting feature.  This allows a message to be posted in message areas other than the user's current message area.  The message can be posted in multiple areas, or just one, and not necessarily the same message area as the user's current message area. Cross-posting is disabled when writing personal email or NetMail.  New configuration options and colors were added for cross-posting.
      - When reading the configuration files, SlyEdit now checks the mods directory first, to allow the sysop to place customized configuration files there so they won't be accidentally overwritten when updating files from the Synchronet CVS repository.  The directory search order for configuration files is as follows:
        1. sbbs/mods
        2. sbbs/ctrl
        3. Same directory as SlyEdit
      - The height of the quote line window is now dynamically determined as about 42% of the height of the message edit area, rather than being hard-coded to 8 lines high.  This was done to make it look proportionally the same with different terminal heights.
      - Bug fix: When deleting a line in the middle of the message, and if the user goes up to the previous line and starts typing and the line wraps, SlyEdit will now insert  another line to preserve the message spacing. Previously, SlyEdit would let the text wrap into the next line, effectively removing a line from the message.
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