1. 18 Mar, 2020 3 commits
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      Address issue raised by Rampage (SESTAR): · c6272c0b
      rswindell authored
      Newly posted replies (by the current user) did not appear in the message list.
      The message list was never re-loaded: I added a Ctrl-R command key to reload
      the message list manually and it's also automatically reloaded when replying
      via a public-posted message (email replies don't force a reload).
      The sub-board's last-read pointer is also updated whenever the current msg
      selection is moved, even if the message isn't read or previewed. This paves
      the way for the internal message reader to possibly track to the current
      message selected in the msglist module upon exit.
      Included in here is a work-around for the (just-fixed) MsgBase.get_index/
      get_all_msg_headers() bug where the msgbase status header was not re-read
      before determining the max number of messages to load. That work-around will
      be removed eventually.
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      Fix bug in MsgBase.get_index() and get_all_msg_headers(): · 99818009
      rswindell authored
      The number of messages loaded was limited by the number of messages that were
      in the status header the last time the status header was read (i.e. when the
      msgbase was opened or when any of its status header properties were referenced).
      Also fixed a couple of weird/useless uses of the WHERE macro in error messages.
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      Fix print-mode issue reported by Rampage (SESTAR): · 25fc04bb
      rswindell authored
      Expand @-codes within the message text of messages posted by user #1.
      Do not expand @-codes for all other messages.
      Use the print-mode (e.g. word-wrap, extra-attribute code) flags associated
      with the configured sub-board, when displaying messages in a sub-board.
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