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      Fix bug reported by Josh Ramsey: QWK packets created for QWKnet accounts · 6e77c60a
      rswindell authored
      should not have the "include message by self" setting applied - the hub should
      include all messages from all authors in all cases. The symptom of the problem
      was that messages posted by a user with the "Real Name" value of the QWKnet
      account would not be included in the QWKnet account for the node. This was
      most obvious in networked message areas where the same user may post from
      multiple nodes and see a lack of message propagation.
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      Version 1.04: Now support downloading file attachments (using the Ctrl-D key... · b8fb0e61
      nightfox authored
      Version 1.04: Now support downloading file attachments (using the Ctrl-D key combo).  Also, allows the sysop to save a message to the BBS machine (using the Ctrl-S key combo).  Also made some user interface updates: Pausing after the user saves a message so that the user can see Synchronet's save message screen, and other minor updates.  Updated DDReadPersonalEmail.js so that it's easy to switch the reader between starting in list mode or reader mode.
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      Change long-standing behavior reported by Deuce as an "architecture bug": · ebf1bda7
      rswindell authored
      If the user does not meet the configured "Access Requirements" of the external
      text/message editor that they have selected in their "default configuration",
      rather than changing their default setting to the internal message editor (a
      change that would become persistent as soon as the user's record was saved
      in the user database), use the internal editor rather than the configured
      external editor and don't change their configuration. This fixes the "problem"
      of a user having selected an editor which has "ANSI" as an access requirement,
      that user then logging on without ANSI support (e.g. not auto-detected) and
      then logging-off which would then revert their configured editor to the dreaded
      internal line editor, leaving the user to figure out how to re-select the
      external (e.g. full-screen) editor they had previous configured.
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