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      EchoCfg -> Linked Nodes: · 308fa038
      rswindell authored
      - Expose the node's "name" property to be edited
      - Expose the node's "areafix support" property to be toggled
      - Renamed "AreaFix Keys" to "EchoList" keys (these are keys to EchoLists)
      - Display the node number's 8-char hexadecimal value, helpful for filename
      EchoCfg->NetMail Settings:
      - New optino: Ignore NetMail 'KillSent' Attribute
        when set, sent netmails with the "KillSent" flag won't be deleted by SBBSecho
      - The name (destination) of forwarded AreaFix requests is now configurable
        (no longer hard-coded to "AreaFix")
      Enforce the SM_DELREADM option.
      Use smb_storage_mode().
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      Resolve some new(ish) GCC warnings. · 1864ab91
      rswindell authored
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      SBBSecho v3.02: · 4f84221d
      rswindell authored
      Most of the changes are in EchoCfg:
      - SBBSecho and EchoCfg will now maintain auto-backups of the sbbsecho.ini file
      - AutoAddSubs now defaults to true/enabled: this setting is harmless without
        further configuring linked nodes (Uplink for Groups / GroupHub)
      - Global Settings are now a separate sub-menu in EchoCfg
      - EchoCfg remembers current selection on (more) sub-menus
      - Sub-menus have been rearranged and resized
      - Numerous Online Help text updates in EchoCfg
      - Adding missing/new settings to EchoCfg:
        Log Timestamp Format
        Strict Packet Passwords
        Use FTN Domain/Zone Map
        BSY Mutex File Timeout
        BSO Lock Attempt Delay
        BSO Lock Attempt Limit
        Config File Backups
        Linked Nodes->Uplink for Message Groups
        Echo Statistics File
        Outgoing Semaphore File
        Automatically Add New Subs to Area File
        Maximum Backups to Maintain of Area File
        Relay Filtered Messages
        (everything you can set in sbbsecho.ini should now be editable via EchoCfg)
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      At Nelgin's request, added TIC File Password management to sbbsecho.ini, · aeb367c2
      rswindell authored
      echocfg, and SBBSecho (for AreaFix management of the pwd). SBBSecho doesn't
      use the password itself, but it allows it to be managed via the %TICPWD AreaFix
      command. EchoCfg will read the (new) TicFilePwd key from the node sections
      of the sbbsecho.ini and allow them to be modified/saved. Max TicFilePwd length
      is 8 chars (same as Packet Passwords).
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      The beginnings of auto-echo-add: · f4fedac6
      rswindell authored
      - SBBSecho will now maintain a file called the Bad Area File
        (default name is data/badarea.lst), in BACKBONE.NA format
      - This file is suitable for importing in SCFG->Message Areas now, but expect
        some automation in the near future
      - To get area descriptions (not just echo tags) in the Bad Area File, be sure
        to configure at least one "Additional EchoList" to point a comprehensive echo
        list (e.g. BACKBONE.NA or similar)
      - SBBSecho will automatically add new areas (when new messages are received for
        msg areas you don't carry) or remove areas that you start to carry - no sysop
        maintenance of this file should be needed. And the file does not have to be
        deleted after being imported (e.g. with SCFG).
      - SBBSecho does not (and may never) actually modify your Synchronet Message
        Areas configuration directly, that is yet to be determined
      Another new feature: Area File (areas.bbs) backups:
      - Whenever the Area File is modified via AreaFix, the current file is backed
        up  (e.g. areas.0.bbs, etc.)
      - This feature can be tweaked or disabled via the AreaFileBackups key in
        sbbsecho.ini (not yet in echocfg), default backup level is 100
      * Numerous EchoCfg help text updates.
      * Some minor terminology updates (e.g. AREAS.BBS->areas.bbs, Areafix->AreaFix).
      * Incremented SBBSecho version from 3.00 to 3.01.
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      Packet Type-2e (FSC-39.4) support: · aace645d
      rswindell authored
      For packet creation, the only difference (from Type-2+) is with packets created
      from point nodes: the origNet field won't be set to 0xffff (as is the case with
      FSC-48, Type-2+ packets). The auxNet field is now always set to the originating
      net (ala Squish) when configured for Type-2+ packet generation.
      When importing Type-2e (FSC-39) packets, the detected/logged packet type may be
      reported as "2e" for valid "2+" packets. This is normal and expected when the
      originating node is not a point and the auxNet field is 0.
      The second set of orig/dest zone fields in a type 2e/2+ pkt header will
      now be used when importing if the old/QM orig/dest zone fields are 0.
      Also, the originating point field may now be imported even if the auxNet field
      is not used (origNet != 0xffff).
      New umask sbbsecho.ini configuration option (global), maybe used to over-ride
      the default *nix file creation mode mask (077), similar to sbbs.ini.
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      Address warnings reported by GCC 4.9.2. · 36c8d644
      rswindell authored
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      SBBSecho v3.0: · 2205e969
      rswindell authored
      - If you are upgrading from SBBSecho v2.x, run "jsexec sbbsecho_upgrade.js"
        to convert your ctrl/sbbsecho.cfg to the new ctrl/sbbsecho.ini.
      - Major code overhaul/re-write/modernization
      - ArcMail/Attach/FD mode NOT TESTED: beware if you're using this style mailer!
      - New features:
      + Easier to manage configuration file (sbbsecho.ini)
      + Multiple sysop aliases supported (for receiving netmail)
      + Mutual-exclusion-lock file (ctrl/sbbsecho.bsy) to prevent accidental
         concurrent invocations of SBBSecho
      + FileBoxes (optional inbox and outbox per node, only in BSO mode)
      + EchoList 4-char "flags" are now 25-char "keys" and much easier to deal with
      + Maximum msg age configurable for NetMail and EchoMail (separately)
      + Configurable "Area Manager" user name (default: SYSOP)
      + Configurable "Default Recipient" for netmail (default: SYSOP)
      + Far fewer command-line options, more settings in EchoCfg
      + Old command-lines will still work, but most of the legacy options are just
         ignored now. Run "sbbsecho -?" for command-line syntax and options.
      Other improvements:
      + All Fido kludes, including PATH and SEEN-BY lines are stored in the
         Synchronet Message Base, always (can't be disabled)
      + Better security for inbound EchoMail (passwords are always enforced)
      + More comprehensive log output (the log output is more of a priority than the
        console output now)
      + Increased accuracy for recipient user name/alias matching
      + Higher-level of uniqueness to generated packet filenames
      + All temporary files (e.g. packets in process) are created in an
         SBBSecho-specific temporary file directory
      + No longer auto-terminates when any local key is pressed: use Ctrl-C/Break
         instead to initiate a graceful premature termination
      + Much more help text in echocfg
      + Better organization of settings in echocfg
      + Optional per-node "comments" for use in echocfg->Linked Nodes
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      New option: EchoCfg->Toggles->Fwd Circular Msgs to Links · 0664ba8b
      rswindell authored
      (or by adding NOCIRCULARFWD to your sbbsecho.cfg):
      When "Circular Path Detection" is enabled (the default), the old behavior was
      to still forward the message to any links (if there are any), but not import
      the circular/looped message (likely a dupe). Now, if you set this new option
      to no (or add "NOCIRCULARFWD" to your sbbsecho.cfg), the message will be
      completely ignored and not fowarded to any links (if there are any).
      If you have no downlinks or you have circular path detection disabled, this
      new option does nothing. The default is the old behavior (forward circular
      Also updated the Toggle Options help text in echocfg (many options weren't
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      Implement non-standard SEEN-BY and PATH line creation/parsing logic as · fe560a7f
      rswindell authored
      requested by Joe (1:249/303), Wilfred (2:280/464) and Michiel (2:280/5555) for
      their little 3-node inter-zonal FTN:
      "Zone Blind" option (enabled in echofg->Toggle Options or by adding a line
      containing the string "ZONE_BLIND" to the sbbsecho.cfg file). This option
      causes zones to be ignored (back to the 2D addresses of the 80s) when parsing
      and generating SEEN-BY and PATH kludge lines in echomail messages.
      Incremented version to 2.23.
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      Better packet header parsing and generation code (eliminated unnecessary · f6efc786
      rswindell authored
      memcpy calls and explicit setting of fields to 0) - this code is just bad.
      The only functional change should be that the SBBSecho product code (0x12FF)
      and major/minor version number is now added to headers of type 2+ packets
      generated by SBBSecho. Type 2 and 2.2 packets will have just 0xff for the
      product code and the SBBSecho major version number in the product "serial
      number" field (as is the common practice). I guess everyone's using type 2+
      packets these days? You don't get 5D addresses with 2+, but SBBSecho doesn't
      really do anything with 5D addresses anyway. <shrug>
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      Fix format-related warnings. · 8563ad46
      deuce authored
      This is *likely* to break the Win32 build and even when the macros are
      specified in xpdev, I doubt Microsoft has added support for the 'z' size
      specifier used in smblib/smbadd.c we'll likely need a SIZE_T_SIZE macro
      that is "z" on C99 systems and "ll" or "64" or whatever it is on Win32.
      Or maybe a whole slew of complete SIZE_T macros since the 32/64 but thing
      and the max file size thing may actually need the full format specification
      to be in the macro... "zu" on C99 platforms and whatever magic Microsoft
      needs there.
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