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      Judicious (even excessive?) use of the volatile keyword on variables that are · 4c54a03d
      rswindell authored
      commonly modified by multiple threads, potentially simultaneously, resulting in
      bad values (e.g. active_clients = -1).
      Updated copyright date to 2011.
      Fixed Win32 compile bug in main.cpp introduced in last commit.
      Eliminated some unused variables and updated some times (e.g. ulong in place
      fo uint32_t).
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      Added errormsg callback function pointer to all startup structures to allow · e5da08ed
      rswindell authored
      error counting/logging/messages to be handled by front-end (e.g. control panel)
      regardless of log_level setting.
      Mail server now filters blocked-subjects before applying DNSBL tag.
      Received message header TO and FROM fields are no longer checked against the
      email.can file for SMTP-authenticated clients.
      SMTP MAIL FROM and RCTP TO addresses are no longer checked against the
      email.can file for SMTP-authenticated clients.
      Statistics are displayed in a more legible manner when the mail server is
      The msgs_received stats counter now includes blocked and ignored messages too.
  19. 24 Oct, 2009 1 commit
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      Added current host name to errorlog() output, this helps determine on which · 4151445d
      rswindell authored
      system (in a multi-computer BBS) the error occurred.
      For the mail server:
      - keep track of the number of times each mailproc handled a message
      - display counters when blocking/filtering messages in log output
      - advertise 8BITMIME in the ESMTP EHLO response
      - do not route mail to mailproc when the execution requirements are not met
        (e.g. ARS, DNSBL, SPAM, etc.)
  20. 14 Aug, 2009 1 commit
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      Added JS load() search path extensibility: · f45e2156
      rswindell authored
      Configurable via ctrl/sbbs.ini file JavaScriptLoadPath key value
      (comma-separate listed of search directories), default value is "load".
      This list is exposed in the JS object model via the js.load_path_list array
      (may be modified by scripts).
      For JSexec, the default load path list may be over-ridden with the '-i' option.
      For relative load paths (e.g. not beginning with '/' or '\'), the path is
      assumed to be a sub-directory of the (configurable) mods or exec directories
      and is searched accordingly.
      So, by default, load("somefile.js") will search in this order:
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      ARS improvements: · 1cdf2c10
      rswindell authored
      Added HOST and IP keywords to allow restricted access/privileges to/for
      specific remote hostnames or IP addresses (wildcards allowed).
      All string-argument type ARS keywords (e.g. SHELL, PROT, etc.) now support .can
      style wildcards.
      The current remote client is now used for protocol, host, and IP ARS checking,
      when available, so this requires passing the client pointer around (which
      explains why so many files are touched by this change) and takes care of a
      long standing to-do item (the user's 'modem' value was used for the PROT
      value checking, which was not always correct).
  26. 21 Feb, 2009 2 commits
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      Another to-do list item: when exiting the reading mail menu, if there is any · 0366cec5
      rswindell authored
      (non-deleted) mail in the mailbox, prompt the user to delete all the mail
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      sbbs_t::bputs() now checks online value in while() loop. · d13fc8f6
      rswindell authored
      sbbs_t::rputs() now:
      * Can accept an optional length argument which allows it to output strings
      with embedded NULs if desired.
      * If a call to outcom() fails, terminates and returns the sent number of chars.
      * Performs Telnet IAC escaping when appropriate.
      * Checks online value in while() loop.
      * No longer output to log if "on local" - event scripts aren't expected to use
      this function.
      JS console.write() and writeln() now use rputs() instead of putcom() so that
      Telnet IAC chars are escaped when necessary and saveline/restoreline will work.
      sbbs_t::putcom() now returns the number of chars sent successfully.
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      Track column counter in outchar() rather than putmsg() - this is the "right" · 0364f228
      rswindell authored
      place to do it, but may need some special handling for HTMLterm mode.
      Parse columns from ANSI cursor position reports.
      Request Telnet "Negotiate Window Size" option during answer since this is more
      reliable than ANSI cursor position reporting (especially with terminals that
      wrap cursor positioning requests).
      Improve validation of ANSI cursor position reports.
  29. 16 Feb, 2009 3 commits
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      Another to-do list request item: allow the sysop specify which months each · 8f53fb6e
      rswindell authored
      timed event will execute in (default is any/all).
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      Major over-haul of smb_util.c and most everything that uses it: · 17ab641b
      rswindell authored
      Constified the arguments.
      Created exascii_to_ascii_char().
      Created ctrl_a_to_ascii_char().
      strip_ctrl() and prep_file_desc() now takes 2 args.
      strip_ctrl(), strip_exascii() and prep_file_desc() now strdup() the input
      string and if the dest arg is NULL, returns the allocated and modified copy.
      sbbs_t::bputs() now handles ^AZ.
      Change Ctrl-A code message network exporting:
      1. ^AL, ^A<, ^A[, and ^A] are always translated to ASCII equivalents.
      2. ^AZ will terminate the message body prematurely if found.
      3. Ex-ASCII (CP437) chars will be translated to ASCII equivalents (rather than
      '*') for "ASCII Only" subs.
      For import, don't allow Ctrl-AP or Ctrl-AL.
      For SBBSecho:
      Added support for specifying a link's address on the command-line (e.g. for
      use with -h).
      Mail server now strips Ctrl-A codes from message bodies for sending via POP3
      or SMTP.
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