Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 22 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      Stop filtering non-translated Ctrl-Key combinations (from the local · db2a627a
      rswindell authored
      keyboard). PETSCII BBSes include prompts like "Hit Ctrl-X to abort", so
      they expect the terminal to be able to send control-key combinations.
      Both CGTerm and CBMTerm are able to send all the relevant control-key
      combinations (and their single-key equivalents, like ESC and TAB) as well.
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      Bug-fix for PETSCII modes: disable reverse video upon carriage-return (13). · 7d8f1404
      rswindell authored
      Should this also be done for 141 (shift-CR)? I'd love to know where you
      found the document which inspired the comment ("disabled reverse") - but
      the code just wasn't doing it and it was apparent when viewing PETSCII
      art and comparing the behavior with other emulators.
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      Add missing brace. · 501384a1
      deuce authored
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      Translate C128 colour codes to CGA palette. · f97fb96a
      deuce authored
      This may mess up colour hacks in other places, but should fix C128 colours
      in the terminal.
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      Bug-fix: when using Telnet, we would *always* send the terminal type · b2d98bb2
      rswindell authored
      (if the server supported the option), as "ANSI". Now, if the current cterm
      emualation is PETASCII [sic], or ATASCII, send "PETSCII" or "ATASCII"
      Now this brings up a couple of discussion points:
      1. Should that default Telnet term-type be "ANSI-BBS" (or "ansi-bbs") instead?
      2. Similarlly, RLogin connections *always* send the term-type as "ansi-bbs" -
         I think a similar change is needed in rlogin.c to be technically correct,
         but we should probably be consistent about how SyncTERM in ANSI-BBS emulation
         mode identifies itself ("ANSI", "ANSI-BBS", or "ansi-bbs").
      3. If there is terminal type advertised via SSH, that probably needs addressing
         as well.
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