1. 16 Mar, 2021 5 commits
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      Don't allow ALT-Direction to work when maximized · e2f5762b
      Deucе authored
      With maximized windows, unexpected behaviour occured when the program
      resized itself, then the window manager minimized/restored the window
      Should address SF bugs #18 and #13
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      Add support for the SSH "none" auth method. · f4d43d13
      Deucе authored
      This is used by some BBSs to enable encryption without needing to
      integrate the BBS user base into their SSH server (and presumably
      so they don't need to run multiple SSH servers).  All users log in
      with the same username (ie: "bbs") and no password is requested or
      Once the BBS starts, it prompts for the BBS user name and password
      as normal.
      In SyncTERM, the user/password/syspass fields are redefined as
      SSHuser/BBSuser/BBSpassword and they are moved around when you
      change the connection type.  This means that if you change a listing
      that has a syspass to SSH (no auth) and back, the syspass is lost.
      I'm not sure if I plan to fix this or not.
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      Fix indentation warning from Clang in JS header · 98c77fde
      Deucе authored
      It would be fine if this only warned while building JS, we're used
      to ignoring that, but this bugger warns while building Synchronet
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      Add NO_TELNET option to terminal server. · fe96397b
      Deucе authored
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      Suspend RIP processing for file transfers · 0360643a
      Deucе authored
  2. 15 Mar, 2021 16 commits
  3. 14 Mar, 2021 9 commits
  4. 13 Mar, 2021 7 commits
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      Remove some backslashes from the ends of lines... · 0f312cb3
      Deucе authored
      Presumably these were part of macros once and never cleaned up?
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      We can't pollute the namespace with curses everywhere. · 687d092c
      Deucе authored
      Just rename ESCDELAY member to escdelay.
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      Fix error removing INPUT.MSG introduced in Commit 0c441424 · 5b044471
      Rob Swindell authored
      remove() is expected to fail in this scenario sometimes depending
      on how writemsg() is used - in the error case, the user was trying
      to edit his .plan file with the ;plan command:
      term Node 10 <Deuce> !ERROR 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) in writemsg.cpp line 1232 (editfile) removing "/sbbs/node10/temp/INPUT.MSG" access=0
      Thanks for the bug report!
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      include curs_fix from ciolib.h to fix openSUSE · e679fa13
      Deucе authored
      Apparently, the ncurses in openSUSE Leap-15.2 has the following:
      Since we have a struct member named ESCDELAY, we can't actually set
      it at all when this macro is defined.
      The three possibilities to deal with this are:
      1) Rename the ESCDELAY member.
         Likely the best option long-term, but I don't want to find everything
         and update it at this time.
      2) Avoid using the ESCDELAY member #ifdef ESCDELAY
         Which makes it not work in the exact set of circumstances it makes
         sense in.
      3) #include curs_fix.h from ciolib.h
         This actually renames the ESCDELAY member to _nc_ESCDELAY, but you
         won't be able to actually notice this.
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      Fix issue with ATASCII delete/insert character. · ec06a168
      Deucе authored
      Before the Unicode support was added, displaying a NUL would clear
      the cell, but now it is translated.  For ATASCII, this results in
      a heart character being displayed instead of an empty cell when
      inserting or deleting characters.
      Fixes bug #28 on Sourceforge.
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      Handle the new value of CIO_KEY_QUIT better. · ecc690f5
      Deucе authored
      The low byte is no longer zero.
  5. 11 Mar, 2021 3 commits