Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

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      Added command-line option -C (capital 'C'): · 2596f5e5
      rswindell authored
      - This option instruts JSexec to *not* change the current working directory to
        the control (CTRL) directory
      - This is useful when using jsexec to deal with files and passing relative
        paths or wildcards on the command-line
      - Warning: scripts executed with this option may behave differently than the
        same script executed from SBBS where the current working directory is always
        the CTRL directory.
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      Send all log messages to statfp (defaults to stderr) instead of confp (defaults · 00b534ac
      deuce authored
      to stdout).
      Previous behaviour was:
      1) By default, send error messages to errfp (stderr), and other log messages to
         confp (stdout).
      2) If -e and one of -o or -q are specified, also send a copy of error messages
         to statfp (defaults to stderr, changed to /dev/null by -n)
      3) If -e is specified, also send a copy of error messages to confp (defaults to stdout)
      If -e, -o, were both specified, this resulted in an error log entry going into the file
      specified by -e, the file specified by -o, and confp (stdout by default).
      New behaviour:
      1) By default, send error messages to errfp (stderr), and other log messages to statfp
      2) If -e is specified, send error messages to the specified file and statfp (stderr).
      3) Always send status messages to statfp (stderr).
      Set up some more stuff for jsdoor...
      Call gethostname() since there is no "SCFG value" for it.
      Send "status messages" (log messages that aren't errors, and the banner) to
      /dev/null by default (ie: force the "-n" argument)
      Send "error messages" (log messages that are error according to log level) to
      "error.log" by default (ie: force the "-eerror.log" argument)
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      Fix exit() behaviour by introducing the new js.scope value which is the · f3256d81
      deuce authored
      scripts global scope (as opposed to which is the instance global
      scope), and having exit() define exit_code in js.scope instead of
      This also sets exit_code in js.scope to null when preparing to execute a new
      script.  If a new script starts in the same scope as an old one, the old
      exit_code value will be destroyed.
      This should only impact scripts where != js.scope (bbs.exec()ed,
      and mailsrvr)
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      Make the debugger actually useful. · 329a03a3
      deuce authored
      Added backtrace (bt) and up/down commands.
      Allow specifying breakpoints in file:line format for future load()s.
      Breakpoints are a small memory leak right now as there's no way to clear them.
  26. 22 Oct, 2012 3 commits
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      Put js_script back inside js_exec(). · d27bd1ce
      deuce authored
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      Add initial stab at scoping the debugger issue... · ece5cbdf
      deuce authored
      Running jsexec with the -D argument will enter the debugger.  Inside the
      debugger, there are the following commands:
      "r"                runs the script
      "clear"            clears any pending exceptions (mostly useless)
      "break ###"        set a break at the specified line number
      "e <statement>"    eval()uates <statement> in the current frame
      "eval <statement>" also eval()s
      This is a proof of concept right now since it's only in jsexec and the command
      parser is a joke.  Eventually, this will also work for ;EXEC scripts in the
      BBS and be even more awesome.  This should be enough to get mcmlxxix off my
      back though.
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      Alphabetize parsed options. · 06e77c3d
      deuce authored
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