1. 21 Aug, 2019 2 commits
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      When the passthru_thead is running, the protocol (%p) command-line specifier · fa361fad
      rswindell authored
      will now expand to "raw" rather than "telnet/rlogin/ssh". This disables IAC
      handling in sexpots, for example, which isn't needed or desired when using
      the passthru socket.
      Also, put some conditional checks for passthru_thread_running in external()
      and if it's not (e.g. for testing purposes), then lock the input_thread_mutex
      instead of changing passthru_socket_active. This is currently just a way to
      easily test the differences between direct and passthru socket I/O
      (dependant on whether or not the passthru_thread is running which is controlled
      in main.cpp.
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      Always use a passthru (proxy) socket when executing external programs that · 53884cce
      rswindell authored
      use socket I/O (e.g. sexyz, door32.sys doors, sync-xsdk doors) - not just when
      the client is connected via SSH. This solves a number of problems:
      - programs that change socket options
      - programs that don't support non-CP437 charsets (e.g. PETSCII, UTF-8)
      - programs that don't support Telnet-IAC escaping
      This greatly simplifies (reduces the need for) input_thread locking.
      The passthru_thread now handles chunks of up to 4000 bytes per transfer
      between socket and ringbuf, instead of a char at a time, greatly improving the
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      Patch from Mark Lewis (wk42): · a59060dd
      rswindell authored
      i've made a few adjustments to xtrn.cpp for external.bat...
      - remove unneeded redirection of dosemu output.
         still uses same log file name and stops zero
         byte file dosemu.log from being created in node
      - fix faulty "keystroke" dosemu -I command. it
         didn't actually do the "\r" but sent it as
         characters to the command line.
      - added code for SBBS specific lredirs to be
         done more cleanly like dosemu's default
         autoexec.bat. only deletes redir if it exists.
      His editor also appears to have removed trailling white-space from this file,
      which is fine.
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      External programs that are "binary" in nature (e.g. file transfer protocols) · be7d06bc
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      now have their output translated to PETSCII equivalents for PETSCII terminals
      (but input is not yet translated).
      .seq files are now sent untranslated via printfile() and putmsg() to PETSCII
      terminals (using the new P_PETSCII putmsg mode flag).
      .seq files (and P_PETSCII mode text printed via putmsg) is now converted
      (poorly) from PETSCII to CP437 - this is still a work-in-progress.
      Remove the remants of WIP and HTMLterm support from putmsg() and printfile().
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      When executing non-native (e.g. 16-bit DOS) programs, set the PCBNODE · aee4d8ff
      rswindell authored
      environment variable (to the same value as SBBSNNUM) as some door games
      (e.g. Bordello, by T&J Software) have support for this environment variable
      built into their configuration file parsing. This makes setting up multiple
      nodes much easier/faster, as you can re-use the same configuration file for
      all of them by just specifying this environment variable in the .cfg file
      (e.g. "c:\sbbs\node%PCBNODE%\door.sys"). Unfortunately, you can't use just
      *any* environment variable, it has to be one of the ones specifically supported
      by their programs (or door frame door kit?). Anyway, this simple hack can save
      a lot of time setting up some of these doors.
      I did not do this for executing native (32-bit) programs as I'm pretty sure
      there was never a 32-bit version of PCBoard, so that wouldn't make much sense.
  21. 24 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      Cool new feature {tm}: · c3ae3857
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      FidoNet NetMail can now be gated to an SMTP client (as before), but replies are
      now successfully gated back to FTN NetMail. This uses a new more RFC-compliant
      To/From address header field format, so older messages (previously gated to
      an SMTP client) cannot be successfully replied-to. Tested with Microsoft
      "Windows Live Mail 2012" (previously known as Outlook Express).
      Test reports/results with other SMTP mail clients would be welcome.
      Requires SBBSecho v2.30 or later. File attachments are not yet supported.
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