1. 22 May, 2021 1 commit
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      Use display aspect ratio, not pixel for tracking. · a5c619fc
      Deucе authored
      People are used to thinking about the aspect ratio of displays and
      used to not thinking at all about that of pixels.  Most of the modes
      are simplt 4:3 modes and the text area is the entire window.  The
      only oddball here is the Commodore 64 and 128 40-column modes.
      Because they have a border around them that's wider on the sides than
      the top/bottom, the display aspect ratio is actually narrower than
      a normal NTSC screen (6:5).  It seems the PAL version actually has
      square pixels, but nobody has asked for a PAL Commodore mode, and I
      think that has a different colour palette too so I'm not doing it.
      Just to frustrate DigitalMan a bit, the default custom aspect ratio
      is now 4:3 (but can be configured).  At present, modifying the custom
      mode while *in* the custom modes "works", which no sane person would
      want when adjusting the aspect ratio.
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      SyncTERM changes: · 34ec98f0
      deuce authored
      Have SyncTERM save/restore the window size
      Ciolib changes:
      Hopefully fix streaming texture updates (ie: white screen)
      - Request pixel data on expose rather than re-render texture
      - This allows the rect update to copy the screen
      Fix ALT-Enter fullscreen toggle
      Ensure vstatlock is held when accessing cvstat
      Add setwinsize() and setwinpos() to ciolib
      Return window position from get_window_info() in SDL mode
      SDL driver no longer supports setscaling() (use setwinsize())
      Use ALT-<arrow> to change window scaling, not Meta
      Add winwidth/winheight to vstat structure
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      The great Copyright year update and (mostly) removal of 2018: · f869ad3d
      rswindell authored
      Most of the copyright years in the source code were misleading (the date of
      most recent publish was actually later) and all were unnecessary. I've been
      removing copyright years piecemeal, for a long time, but I decided it was time
      to just perform a bulk search and (mostly) replace. In some cases, I left
      old copyright years on files that either are not used (and soon to be removed)
      or obsolete and unlikely to ever be touched again (e.g. Win9x FOSSIL VXD). Some
      of the runtime binaries still contain copyright years and those were updated to
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  11. 13 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      Eliminate pputtext() and pgettext() in favour of vmem_puttext() and vmem_gettext() · 3a0b3655
      deuce authored
      Update scrollback to use vmem_gettext()
      Update all the things I previously updated for the new cterm_init() prototype
      So now I expect things to work again... though X11 mode may have issues,
      and SDL overlay mode is dog slow.
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      Beginnings of a massive ciolib overhaul... · 210cc022
      deuce authored
      We're switching to TrueColor now, and maintaining a 65536 entry palette
      for the various palettized bits.  This change hurts the overlay output most
      since it currently means floating point calculations for every pixel.
      The getfont() function now takes a fontnum argument so you can get all the
      current fonts.
      The vmem array now holds the font data, so once a glyph is written to the
      screen, it can stay in that font "forever".  This still has some issues
      with savescreen()/restorescreen() since there's no extension to grab the new
      stuff... that'll be coming soon, likely replacing the pgettext() and
      pputtext() functions.  For now, various popups will likely reset fonts to
      the default font on the screen.
      Now that we have all this, the status bar in SyncTERM can retain the default
      font and colours at all times.  Further, menus can be displayed in the "right"
      colours and fonts, and no more translation will be needed.  This is a work
      in progress though, so there's likely to be glitches.  The scrollback doesn't
      have the font data either (same issue as savescreen()/restorescreen()).
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      Update to XTerm 256-color palette by default · b09b2dba
      deuce authored
      Use C64 palette from CTerm
      Switch drawrect to use 32-bit pixels
      Put the colour palette index into the screen array, not the attribute palette one
      Remove dac_colors from video_stat structure
  16. 05 Jul, 2015 1 commit
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      Improve the locking "stuff"... · 4d70127d
      deuce authored
      For regular vstatlock things, only hold the lock long enough to copy the
      variables that will be used.
      For vstat.vmem stuff, create a separate reference-counting vmem structure
      and a new vmem_lock so the memcpy() of the vmem won't block basic vstat
      This appears to fix the recently-added "blockiness" of screen updates in
      SyncTERM, without risking deadlocks or unlocked accesses... the major issue
      holding up a release.
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  19. 10 Feb, 2009 1 commit
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      Various changes around more EGA/VGA capabilities, specifically: · e44ec674
      deuce authored
      1) The ability to make attribute bit three select a second character set
      2) The ability to make the blink attribute toggle background intensity
      3) The ability to make attribute bit three NOT select high intensity
      4) More control over the cursor than just three constants
      CTerm support to follow using private set mode parameters.
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      Fix more typos. · 21886f0f
      deuce authored
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      Add C64 and C128 video modes and palettes. · 6f64d2b3
      deuce authored
      Current;y, I'm useing the PC palette for C128 modes since the documentation
      I found on the C128 said that it used CGA monitors (which were digital)
      Can someone clarify this (ie: Did the Commodore monitor use the C64 palette)
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