Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

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      *lower* log-levels are more severe. · f06d2522
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      The problem: the sysop (me) is not notified of critical errors (e.g.... · 5899a303
      rswindell authored
      The problem: the sysop (me) is not notified of critical errors (e.g. zone file problems) in a timely manner.
      Part of the solution: notify a configured user (e.g. user #1) via short-message/telegram and email/netmail logged-errors when messages of a configured severity (e.g. "Critical") are logged.
      The second part of the solution (coming next) will be allowing timed events to log a message of a configurable severity logged when the event fails (returns a non-zero error level to sbbs).
      I'm saving the error-notification-user-number and log-severity as part of the node.cnf file because:
      - that's where the validation user number is already set
      - I can conceive of a large system were certain node ranges (different instances of sbbs) might want different operators to be notified of logged-errors
      This also means I eliminated all the legacy com port/modem stuff from the end of the node.cnf file. None of that is used in sbbs v3.
      Also included in this commit are improvements around logging:
      - reduce the severity of UDP recvfrom failures in services
      - a more detailed log message when the mail server successfully delivers an email (via SMTP) - easier to answer the question: was that email you/they sent delivered successfully?
  7. 11 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      Two unrelated changes, but since they touched sbbs.h, I'm committing them · 0d73dbc4
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      together to keep things atomic:
      1. Eliminate eprintf() as sbbs_t::lputs() and sbbs_t::lprintf() do the
         "right thing" (e.g. log to the event log when called from the event_thread).
      2. Moved upload_stats() and download_stats() from ftpsrvr.c to getstats.c where
          I plan to make use of them for JS-based upload/download file support.
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      sbbs_t::lputs() now handles the adding of the log message prefixes · 9e0fcab8
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      ("Node X", user alias, etc.) - so removing a lot of the redundancies.
      Also, logging the current timed event code and other prefixes in the
      event thread log messages - something I've wanted for a while now.
      There might be some redundant "Node X" strings, so if you see some funny
      looking log message, please let me know.
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      Error messages logged with errormsg() now contain the name of the C/C++ · b4b6713e
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      function where the error is being reported from. So the WHERE macro now
      contains the __FUNCTION__ "macro" and the various js*.c files that use the
      WHERE macro to report errors had to be updated too.
      Also, the 'access' argument is now being passed as a signed long rather than
      unsigned long. Status/return values are often passed in here (e.g. from smblib)
      and may be negative. This argument was being displayed with %ld but wasn't
      being passed in as a signed value, so on 64-bit long systems, negative numbers
      were just printed as large (4M+) numbers.
      Also, no need to call getfname() in errormsg() since this is embedded in the
      WHERE macro (since 2009).
  14. 08 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Overhaul these functions: · 1d642d12
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      Use fopen/fprintf (buffered writes) rather than open/write.
      Use safe_snprintf() and SAFEPRINTF for safe string formatting.
      Use a variable for line-endings (in preparation for support for Unix-style log
      files for those sysops that prefer them).
      hacklog() now supports a NULL 'text' argument.
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      Update to 3.17a · dbbfabf1
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      New Features:
      - Multiple bindings for each service
        Use comma-separated interfaces on Interface= lines in the ini file.
        Default is now ",::"
      - IPv6 support
      - TLS support for the webserver and (non-static) services
        New TLS option in services.ini (ie: Options=TLS)
      - Decrease LEN_SCAN_CMD to 35 chars, increase the CID field to 45 chars,
        and rename the MAIL_CMD string to IPADDR.  I think this frees up the
        note field for SysOp use.
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      Added current host name to errorlog() output, this helps determine on which · 4151445d
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      system (in a multi-computer BBS) the error occurred.
      For the mail server:
      - keep track of the number of times each mailproc handled a message
      - display counters when blocking/filtering messages in log output
      - advertise 8BITMIME in the ESMTP EHLO response
      - do not route mail to mailproc when the execution requirements are not met
        (e.g. ARS, DNSBL, SPAM, etc.)
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