1. 08 May, 2022 1 commit
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      Improvements to virtual UART driver for Windows · 7791b698
      Rob Swindell authored
      In the process of creating/testing the new Synchronet Virtual DOS Modem (SVDM) project, I made the following significant improvements:
      - Don't default the log level to DEBUG for debug builds
      - Add a "carrier change" event so carrier low to high transitions can be tracked too
      - Replace several lprintf() calls with lputs() for performance reasons
      - Specify 'volatile' storage for pending_interrupts
      - Interrupts are re-asserted if there are any pending interrupts after reading IIR register
      - Emulate FIFO enablement
      - Support RTS flow control signal
      - Remove conditional/configurable yields when polling LSR and MSR register, would just unnecessarily slow down terminal programs
      - Report "DCD change" in MSR correctly
      - Clean-up (e.g. close handles) in VDD_CLOSE handler
      - VDD_LOAD_INI_FILE allows an optional ini filename (instead of directory) as its argument - for loading an ini filename other than sbbsexec.ini (e.g. svdm.ini).
      Initialize log level in VDDInitialize(). For versions of Windows/NTVDM that use/call the "init proc" (this function), we just re-initialize global variables here.
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      The great Copyright year update and (mostly) removal of 2018: · f869ad3d
      rswindell authored
      Most of the copyright years in the source code were misleading (the date of
      most recent publish was actually later) and all were unnecessary. I've been
      removing copyright years piecemeal, for a long time, but I decided it was time
      to just perform a bulk search and (mostly) replace. In some cases, I left
      old copyright years on files that either are not used (and soon to be removed)
      or obsolete and unlikely to ever be touched again (e.g. Win9x FOSSIL VXD). Some
      of the runtime binaries still contain copyright years and those were updated to
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