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    Add missing/newer configuration to main cnf definition. · fbff979c
    Rob Swindell authored
    - min_pwlen
    - textsec_mod
    - automsg_mod
    - xtrnsec_mod
    - nodelist_mod
    - whosonline_mod
    - privatemsg_mod
    - logonlist_mod
    Since cnflib.js doesn't save/restore padding areas (yet), this explains
    why using scripts that use cnflib to update/modify configuration files
    could result in some settings being reverted to default or blank values
    Next-up: fix cnflib so it saves and restores padding areas in .cnf files.
......@@ -264,7 +264,8 @@ struct.main={
new_install: {bytes:UCHAR, type:"int"},
newuser_msgscan_init: {bytes:UINT16_T, type:"int"}, // new_msgcan_init
guest_msgscan_init: {bytes:UINT16_T, type:"int"},
min_pwlen: {bytes:UCHAR, type:"int"},
expired_level: {bytes:UCHAR, type:"int"},
expired_flags1: {bytes:UINT32_T, type:"int"},
expired_flags2: {bytes:UINT32_T, type:"int"},
......@@ -286,7 +287,15 @@ struct.main={
scanposts_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
scansubs_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
listmsgs_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
textsec_mod: {bytes:LEN_MODNAME+1, type:"str"},
automsg_mod: {bytes:LEN_MODNAME+1, type:"str"},
xtrnsec_mod: {bytes:LEN_MODNAME+1, type:"str"},
nodelist_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
whosonline_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
privatemsg_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
logonlist_mod: {bytes:LEN_CMD+1, type:"str"},
user_backup_level: {bytes:UINT16_T, type:"int"},
mail_backup_level: {bytes:UINT16_T, type:"int"},
validation_set: {bytes:struct.validation_set_t, type:"lst", length: 10},