Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

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    Allow the client-name, server-name, and term-type to be passed as arguments · 334e768c
    Rob Swindell authored
    Optional, for easier use with game servers that take one of the 3 rlogin
    negotation parameters as the name/code of the door to execute. A telgate
    mode flag value argument must be provided (use 0 for default behavior)
    if you want to provide any of the other arguments to override the defaults
    (the user's alias, real name, and current detected terminal type).
// rlogin.js
// Telnet Gateway using RLogin protocol - Requires v3.00c
// Telnet Gateway using RLogin protocol
// $Id: rlogin.js,v 1.4 2017/10/25 08:59:15 rswindell Exp $
// 4, @format.use-tabs true
// usage: ?rlogin address[:port] [telnet_gateway_mode] [client-name] [server-name] [terminal-type]
write("\r\n\001h\1hPress \001yCtrl-]\001w for a control menu anytime.\r\n\r\n");
writeln("\001h\001yConnecting to: \001w" + argv[0] + "\001n");
var flags = 0;
if (argc > 1)
flags = eval(argv[1]);
bbs.rlogin_gate(argv[0], flags);
argv[0] // address[:port]
,argv[2] // client-name
,argv[3] // server-name
,argv[4] // terminal-type
,eval(argv[1]) // mode flags