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    Fix bug in last commit · a40cda0c
    Deucе authored
    Pixes set via setpixels() were only set in the "blink off" screen
    and not in the "blink on" screen... so they all reverse blinked.
......@@ -1427,6 +1427,7 @@ int bitmap_setpixels(uint32_t sx, uint32_t sy, uint32_t ex, uint32_t ey, uint32_
if (mask == NULL) {
for (x = sx; x <= ex; x++) {
screena.screen[PIXEL_OFFSET(screena, x, y)] = pixels->pixels[pos];
screena.rect->data[PIXEL_OFFSET(screena, x, y)] = color_value(pixels->pixels[pos]);
if (pixels->pixelsb) {
screenb.screen[PIXEL_OFFSET(screenb, x, y)] = pixels->pixelsb[pos];
screenb.rect->data[PIXEL_OFFSET(screenb, x, y)] = color_value(pixels->pixelsb[pos]);