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    Optional random "Sysop is" string replacement during logon · 6ec583a7
    Rob Swindell authored
    Set sysop_available and/or sysop_unavailable in the [logon] section of your
    modopts.ini to a comma-separated list of strings to pick at random and replace
    the default text.dat LiSysopAvailable and LiSysopNotAvailable strings during
    logon (displayed as part of the "logon info" block near the end of the
    hard-coded logon sequence).
    Inspired by the SYSAVAIL.C modification that I used to use with my own
    custom ("INHOUSE") build of Synchronet, this is now available for all sysops
    to replace "Available" or "Not Available" with a random funny/smart phrase of
    your choosing (but without commas; a separate delimeter could be used if that
    is a problem).
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......@@ -24,6 +24,16 @@ if(options.draw_avatar_right === undefined)
options.draw_avatar_right = true;
if(options.show_logon_list === undefined)
options.show_logon_list = true;
if(options.sysop_available) {
require("text.js", 'LiSysopAvailable');
var list = options.sysop_available.split(',');
bbs.replace_text(LiSysopAvailable, list[random(list.length)].trim());
if(options.sysop_unavailable) {
require("text.js", 'LiSysopNotAvailable');
var list = options.sysop_unavailable.split(',');
bbs.replace_text(LiSysopNotAvailable, list[random(list.length)].trim());