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    Don't delete pack####.now upon FTP-logoff · 3ead8a4d
    Rob Swindell authored
    When a user logins to the FTP server concurrently, this creates a
    race condition with an/the other FTP session that may be creating/
    downloading a QWK packet. On Vertrauen, this results in the
    occasional error removing the file since it was removed unexpectedly:
    !ERROR 2 (No such file or directory) in main.cpp line 2747 (event_thread) removing "/sbbs/data/pack1111.now" access=0
......@@ -4971,9 +4971,6 @@ static void ctrl_thread(void* arg)
/* Update User Statistics */
if(!logoutuserdat(&scfg, &user, time(NULL), logintime))
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"%04d <%s> !ERROR in logoutuserdat", sock, user.alias);
/* Remove QWK-pack semaphore file (if left behind) */
ftp_remove(sock, __LINE__, str, user.alias);
lprintf(LOG_INFO,"%04d <%s> logged off", sock, user.alias);