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## Contributing changes to the Synchronet Source Repository
Merge requests are considered and accepted at [gitlab.synchro.net](https://gitlab.synchro.net).
Do not submit pull/merge requests in the Synchronet //mirror projects// on github.com or gitlab.com; they won't be considered.
When submitting merge requests to existing files, unless you have prior agreement with the maintainers:
* Use the dominant coding style of the file(s) being modified
* Do not perform tab to space conversions (or vice-versa); incidental trimming of trailing whitespace is okay
* Do not include changes that are not relevant to the merge request description/message
* Keep merge requests to a single topical change (e.g. don't combine new features with bug fixes with typo-fixes and style changes)
In general, if it's a large set of changes, your best bet of getting it accepted and merged into the repo would be to discuss the concept of the change with the developers in the [Synchronet Programming conference](http://web.synchro.net/?page=001-forum.ssjs&sub=syncprog) **first**.
If you were intereseted in contributing money, not code, then paypal to rob at synchro dot net.
Thank you for contributing!
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