Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

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    Fix menu draw when returning to dialing list from comment · 4fd1f9cf
    Deucе authored
    Also note the spectacularily poorly named WIN_REDRAW and WIN_NODRAW
    flags.  WIN_REDRAW indicates that this *is* a redraw of the menu,
    which indicates that you don't need to redraw the menu (because it's
    already correct on screen).  Weird, but not insane... WIN_NODRAW on
    the other hand indicates this is *not* a redraw, and that the window
    is incorrect on screen and you therefore *must* redraw the menu.
    That is to say:
    WIN_REDRAW prevents the window from being redrawn
    WIN_NODRAW forces the window to be redrawn
......@@ -2109,6 +2109,7 @@ struct bbslist *show_bbslist(char *current, int connected)
struct bbslist defaults;
char shared_list[MAX_PATH+1];
char list_title[30];
int redraw = 0;
glob_sbar = &sbar;
glob_sopt = &sopt;
......@@ -2184,8 +2185,9 @@ struct bbslist *show_bbslist(char *current, int connected)
uifc.list_height = uifc.scrn_len - 4;
,0,(uifc.scrn_len-(uifc.list_height)+1)/2-4,0,&opt,&bar,list_title,(char **)list);
redraw = 0;
if(val==-7) { /* CTRL-E */
......@@ -2221,8 +2223,10 @@ struct bbslist *show_bbslist(char *current, int connected)
,0,(uifc.scrn_len-(uifc.list_height)+1)/2-4,0,&opt,&bar,list_title,(char **)list);
if (edit_comment(list[opt], settings.list_path))
if (edit_comment(list[opt], settings.list_path)) {
redraw = 1;