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Some JSDOCS clarifications only.

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......@@ -803,7 +803,7 @@ static jsSyncMethodSpec js_functions[] = {
,JSDOCSTR("prompt for a string input")
{"list", js_uifc_list, 0, JSTYPE_STRING, JSDOCSTR("[number mode] [string title] [string array options] [uifc.list.CTX object]")
{"list", js_uifc_list, 0, JSTYPE_STRING, JSDOCSTR("[number mode,] string title, array options [,uifc.list.CTX object]")
,JSDOCSTR("select from a list of options.<br>"
"The context object can be created using new uifc.list.CTX() and if the same object is passed, allows WIN_SAV to work correctly.<br>"
"The context object has the following properties:<br>cur, bar, top, left, width"
......@@ -962,8 +962,8 @@ static char* user_stats_prop_desc[] = {
,"total number of logons"
,"total logons today"
,"total time used (in minutes)"
,"time used today"
,"time used last session"
,"time used today (in minutes)"
,"time used last session (in minutes)"
,"total messages posted"
,"total e-mails sent"
,"total feedback messages sent"
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