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    Re-enable the short inactivity timeout for non-terminal connections (bots) · b05b2cc1
    Rob Swindell authored
    As of Oct-25-2018, the NO_EXASCII flag was set in the autoterm variable
    when there was no ANSI terminal auto-detected. This defeated the short
    inactivity timeout feature of login.js because it was checking specifically
    for a zero-value autoterm.
    So change this logic to check for no ANSI, PETSCII, or UTF-8 (the 3 indicators
    of a valid terminal) - though I suppose PETSCII is questionable (it's not
    actually auto-detected, just a non-standard port usually).
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ var guest = options.guest && system.matchuser("guest");
if(!console.autoterm) {
if(!(console.autoterm&(USER_ANSI | USER_PETSCII | USER_UTF8))) {
console.inactivity_hangup = options.inactive_hangup;
log(LOG_NOTICE, "terminal not detected, reducing inactivity hang-up timeout to " + console.inactivity_hangup + " seconds");