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    New option: EchoCfg->Toggles->Fwd Circular Msgs to Links · 0664ba8b
    rswindell authored
    (or by adding NOCIRCULARFWD to your sbbsecho.cfg):
    When "Circular Path Detection" is enabled (the default), the old behavior was
    to still forward the message to any links (if there are any), but not import
    the circular/looped message (likely a dupe). Now, if you set this new option
    to no (or add "NOCIRCULARFWD" to your sbbsecho.cfg), the message will be
    completely ignored and not fowarded to any links (if there are any).
    If you have no downlinks or you have circular path detection disabled, this
    new option does nothing. The default is the old behavior (forward circular
    Also updated the Toggle Options help text in echocfg (many options weren't