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    Major over-haul of smb_util.c and most everything that uses it: · 17ab641b
    rswindell authored
    Constified the arguments.
    Created exascii_to_ascii_char().
    Created ctrl_a_to_ascii_char().
    strip_ctrl() and prep_file_desc() now takes 2 args.
    strip_ctrl(), strip_exascii() and prep_file_desc() now strdup() the input
    string and if the dest arg is NULL, returns the allocated and modified copy.
    sbbs_t::bputs() now handles ^AZ.
    Change Ctrl-A code message network exporting:
    1. ^AL, ^A<, ^A[, and ^A] are always translated to ASCII equivalents.
    2. ^AZ will terminate the message body prematurely if found.
    3. Ex-ASCII (CP437) chars will be translated to ASCII equivalents (rather than
    '*') for "ASCII Only" subs.
    For import, don't allow Ctrl-AP or Ctrl-AL.
    For SBBSecho:
    Added support for specifying a link's address on the command-line (e.g. for
    use with -h).
    Mail server now strips Ctrl-A codes from message bodies for sending via POP3
    or SMTP.