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    Filter messages in qwk_voting->qwk_vote() · 66be347d
    Rob Swindell authored
    No longer applying QWK filters to incoming netmail messages since we would need different criteria for netmail filtering (e.g. don't apply the twitlist.cfg). And I'm not clear that we actually need netmail filtering.
    Disable the importing of "remaining" 
    VOTING.DAT sections (polls, votes) since this should no longer be necessary for backwards compatibility and appears to the source of errors like:
    qwk.cpp line 1141 (qwk_vote) writing "/sbbs/data/subs/sync_sys" access=-105 info=smb_addpollclosure thread_back field missing
    qwk_vote() takes a msg_filters argument, so we'd have to pass that to qwk_handle_remaining_votes() and frankly, it just shouldn't be needed any more, so disabling and logging a warning if there are any "remaining QWK voting.dat sections" after parsing QWK/REP packet (which consumes the sections from the parsed VOTING.DAT file).