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    Singificantlly improve message scan pointer initialization (e.g. for new · 264cb38c
    rswindell authored
    users) and adjusting scan ptrs by date or set to "Last msg" while online:
    - speed (on my system, reduced from 12 to < 2 seconds)
      This involved 2 enhancements: check msgbase index file timestamp (fast)
      before opening any files. When opening the msgbase, just open the index
      file (no other msgbase files) - required new smblib function: smb_open_index.
    - fixed off-by-one when setting by date (when setting the new-scan ptr to
      Jan-1-2018, you want that first message posted on/after Jan-1-2018 to be
      found as "new", not the first message posted *after* that date.
    - re-added the fixmsgptrs() call in putmsgptrs(), inadvertently removed
      in the .ixb -> .ini ptr storage update in rev 1.192 of userdat.c.