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    Allow fine-grained control over JavaScript compiler options via *.ini · 2c7f3bc6
    Rob Swindell authored
    JavaScriptOptions bit-field can be set in sbbs.ini and jsexec.ini to over-ride the default JS compiler options which have been changed from 0 to (options previously only used by JSDoor):
    * JIT - TraceMonkey
    * METHODJIT - JägerMonkey
    * COMPILE_N_GO - compile-time scope chain resolution of consts
    * PROFILING - Choose between TraceMonkey and JägerMonkey at compile-time based on profiling results
    Other options available but not enabled by default:
    * STRICT - warn on debious practice (i.e. similar to "use strict")
    * WERROR - convert warnings to errors
    * VAROBJFIX -  use last object on scope chain as the ECMA 'variables object'
    * RELIMIT - Throw exception on any regular expression which backtracks more than n^3 times, where n is length of the input string
    * ANONFUNFIX - Disallow function () {} in statement context per ECMA-262 Edition 3.
    * METHODJIT_ALWAYS - Always whole-method JIT, don't tune at run-time.
    - Fixed JS warning string formatting (missing space separator).
    - Removed an extraneous new-line in lprintf() call in mailsrvr.
    - Added basic assertEq() global method to jsexec, required when running SpiderMonkey test scripts.