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    Export/import the original message editor column width (when known) as a new · 3a1923d8
    rswindell authored
    FidoNet "Kludge line" (control line): "\1COLS: <columns>\r" where <columns>
    is a value between 0 and 255 and a value of 0 is special, meaning "unknown"
    and not normally specified (this is the default assumption when there is no
    "columns"/COLS header field). When a message editor column width is unknown,
    is is normally assumed to have been 80 columns for word-wrapping/re-wrapping
    purposes when displaying the message text.
    This feature has worked well for Synchronet's QWK networking (i.e. there are
    far fewer instances of word-wrapping/re-wrapping issues when viewing messages
    on DOVE-Net), so I decided to support this message header field over FTN
    (SBBSecho) as well. Hopefully other FidoNet software authors will notice and
    support this header field in the future as there are still numerous examples
    of word-wrap issues when viewing FidoNet messages. At least Synchronet <->
    Synchronet systems over FidoNet should be able to re-wrap and display all
    message text nicely when both ends support this kludge line.
    Incremented SBBSecho version number to 3.07.