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    Introduced sbbsecho.ini advanced setting (not yet exposed in echocfg): · 4ea509a0
    rswindell authored
    StrictPacketPasswords (default is "true").
    If you want SBBSecho v3 to behave like SBBSecho v2 with regards to packet
    passwords for linked-nodes with *no* configured packet password, set this value
    to "true" in your sbbsecho.ini file. I don't recommend doing this if you care
    about the "security" of your echomail, but some sysops have been bitten by the
    strict enforcement of the configured password in SBBSecho v3.
    I also fixed some (but not all) of the signed/unsigned value comparison
    warnings reported by msvc2013. Hopefully this didn't introduce any stupid bugs.