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    Fix bug introduced in rev 1.236 (April-3-2014): · 579119c9
    rswindell authored
    Areafix requests to unlink a node from an area would corrupt the list of
    linked nodes: the *last* listed node would always be removed. If this was
    not the node that submitted the areafix request, then 2 nodes would be
    removed from the list of linked-nodes for an echo.
    To simplify this, we're just going to not write the removed node back to
    the area file, but leave it in the in-memory list. So technically, the node
    won't be unlinked until the next run of SBBSecho when the area file is
    re-parsed. If that's a problem, we can always add run-time removal from
    the in-memory list later. Reported by Alterego (ALTERANT).