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    Bug-fix: when enumerating a message header (returned from · 621d77fb
    rswindell authored
    MsgBase.get_msg_header or get_all_msg_headers), the message header object's
    private data (used internally in these C source functions) would be freed and
    NULL'd, apparenty as a form of optimization. This would cause some methods
    which can accept a msg header object as an argument (e.g.
    MsgBase.put_msg_header, bbs.show_msg/show_msg_header) to fail or behave
    in strange ways.
    Instead of freeing/NULLing the private data (and depending on that as an
    indication that the header has been enuemrated), just set a member variable
    indicating that the header has been enumerated (once) already.
    This is the bug that has been tripping me up with my message lister JS mod
    (see YouTube video). I can finally get that committed to CVS for testing now.
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