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    create_archive() will skip directories in supplied file_list · 77e2d88e
    Rob Swindell authored
    The file_list[] parameter was expected to contain only files, but the directory() function (used to create that file_list[]) returns a list of all directory entries, including sub-directories. I could (and maybe will) add an option to directory() to only include files or dirs, but this seemed the more direct fix for the problem reported by DesotoFireflite (VALHALLA):
    TickIT's nodelist_handler.js appears to be creating and leaving behind a sub-directory of the temp directory, triggering this error:
     1/23  11:36:56a  QNET libarchive error -1 (13 opening c:\SBBS\temp\event\nodelist_handler/) creating c:\SBBS\data\VERT.REP 
    Why isn't the temp directory fully cleaned up after/between events? That's another thing to look into.
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