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    Replaced text.dat line MsgVoteNotice with 2 new strings: MsgUpVoteNotice and · 7c17c5f2
    rswindell authored
    Also moved the R_Voting string, so the last few voting related strings in the
    text.dat have been re-arranged (sorry about the thrash) - if you don't have
    these new 8 lines, the default strings are used and you're fine.
    When listing messages from the "Reading" prompt, the vote status and Replied
    attribute flag are now indicated: 'V' = voted up (more than down), 'v' = voted
    down (more than up), and 'R' = replied-to. Unread/new messages still show a '*'
    in the A (for attributes) column.
    Voting via JS still does not automatically send a notice to the poster, that
    still needs to be worked out.
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