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    Add mouse hot spot support: · 87c9982c
    rswindell authored
    - hot spots are clickable screen areas (e.g. in menus and prompts) that   generate key-strokes
    - commands may be from 1 to 127 ASCII-characters in length
    - currently using the X10 mouse reporting mode, may change
    - all mnemonics strings (~Example) are automatically hot-spots
    - The new ~ @-code defines a hot spot
    - Any screen-clear operation clears all hot spots
    - sbbs now tracks the current screen (cursor position) row
    - eliminated the old "tos" (top-of-screen) boolean (row == 0 indicates "tos")
    - created an sbbs_t::ungetstr() method
    - keep track if in pause (hit a key) prompt, for special mouse behavior
    new JS console object:
    - row property
    - tos property is now read-only (and deprecated)
    - new methods:
    redrwstr() gets some UTF8 touch-ups as part of this commit. <shrug>
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