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    Allow JS 'user.editor' and '.shell' to be set for non-users (e.g. user #0) · 0b782f45
    Rob Swindell authored
    The request from Nightfox and Accession via DOVE-Net was to be able to set
    a user's external editor even if there's no user logged-in.
    These 2 user class properties in the JS object model were a bit special in
    that they *only* wrote to the user database and did not immediately modify
    the in-memory copy of the user_t structure, depending on the re-reading of
    the user.dat/tab file to re-populate the current user_t structure when needed.
    This didn't work if the current user is user #0 (no user).
    So, set the current user_t.xedit and user_t.shell accordingly whenever those
    JS properties are assigned a value (a string, the appropriate internal code).