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    Add support for "robots": Right now, robots are for receiving netmail messages · 8df3c6b7
    rswindell authored
    only (e.g. areamgr requests or whatever). In the future, they could be extended
    to echomail areas too, if that's desirable.
    For now, it's really intended for ticket-FileFix.
    Anyway, NetMail can be received for the robot-name@<your-ftn-address> and
    the mail message will be stored in the Synchronet "mail" base. The recipient
    extension will be absent since there is no valid user account associated with
    the robot. Robot names supercede other user names/aliases for received netmail.
    If one or more netmail messages were imported for a robot and that robot has
    a semaphore path/filename specified (e.g. to trigger a timed event), then that
    semaphore will be "touched" before SBBSecho exits.
    One weird anomly with this is if attached files are received for robots, those
    files will be stored in data/user/0000.in. The altnerative is to just ignore
    file attachments sent to robots.
    The echofg supprot for robots is still yet to be added. In the mean time, you
    can add robots to your sbbsecho.ini like so:
    Incremented version to 3.11.