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    Added support for .bsy lock files when in BSO/FLO mailer mode · 91acd352
    rswindell authored
    (based on FTS-5005 description) - both detection (won't pack/bundle outgoing
    mail for a node that is "busy" with a mailer session) and exclusive-creation
    (to inform the mailer not to allow a session for this node while outgoing mail
    is being processed).
    - Uses strListFind() from updated xpdev.
    Debug-level log message for all file deletions.
    Some log message update (more detail in some, removal of others).
    Bug-fix: outbound FREQ netmail messages would not be deleted after being
    converted to BSO *.req files. It appears no one has yet tested this feature?
    Cleaned-up sbbsecho.h: use of C99-types, defined SBBSECHO_ARCTYPE_NONE magic
    number macro.
    Incremented version to 2.32.