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    Initial support or multiple (user-selectable) languages in the terminal server · d89f7d49
    Rob Swindell authored
    Uses the new ctrl/text.??.ini files (just a few words translated so far).
    Adds the new "lang" user property (to and JS User class).
    The language code is the 2-3 char (e.g. ISO 639-1) abbreviation of a language.
    A "blank" language property value (the default), just means to use the
    ctrl/text.dat contents.
    User-selected alternate language file is loaded upon logon and in the
    built-in/hard-coded user default settings menu.
    More on the user default settings menu:
    - AutoLogin via IP option ('I') to make room for new (I) Language option.
    - The cold-keys menu option was removed to make room for Language option
      (via text.dat change to UserDefaultsHotKey)
    - Any options disabled via blank text.dat strings will no longer result in
      supported command keys (that could accidentally be struck with hidden
    - The user_settings.js will need similar treatment
    text/menu/<lang>/* is where alternate language menu files should be stored
    New UserDefaultsLanguage text.dat string (inserted before new PasswordChar