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    Use GDI mode for Windows builds of SCFG, making this a Windows/GUI app now · b05a6517
    Rob Swindell authored
    In Windows 11, "Windows Terminal" is now the default console (though the
    Windows user can change that to the old conhost.exe).  Running UIFC
    apps (e.g. SCFG) in Windows console mode from within a Windows Terminal
    console doesn't always display correctly (depending on the width of the
    console). And even if if the app displays correctly at first in console
    mode, it's very easy for the user to resize the console window and just
    totally foobar the display of the app.
    Windows console mode (previously, the default interface mode) is still
    available ("-iw" option) if one wants to use it instead.
    However, stdio/door mode ("-id") and ANSI mode ("-ia") can't be used directly
    from a console.
    The help/usage output is sent in Windows console mode (not stdout or GDI mode)
    so it creates a new window, disables mouse support (so you can copy text from
    it). stdout doesn't work from GUI apps. Fun times.