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    Increase MAX_POST_LEN from 1MB to 4MB (QWK REP packets can be > 1MB) - · a59fba4a
    rswindell authored
      I think that > 1MB post data is supported, but the http_request.post_data
      property won't be created if the length > MAX_POST_LEN. Perhaps would just
      store the post data in a file (uh, it already is?) and expose the filename to
      JS scripts? It'd be a lot cleaner than storing the data in a file and then
      reading (or mem-mapping) the file and then copying the contents into a JS
    Allow the JS http_request.post_data property to contain NULs.
    open_post_file() will now open the post file (and return the FILE*) even if
      session->req.post_data is NULL, it just won't try to write to the file if the
      post_data is NULL.
    mem-map the large post data files using XPMAP_WRITE (read/write) rather than
      XPMAP_READ (read-only) - without this change, this line in read_post_data()
      would cause an exception:
      Now, we seem to have the potential of an off-by-one here (if the length
      mem-mapped is not post_len + 1), but that isn't happening. <shrug>
    Fixed a couple of FILE pointer/descriptor leaks if post_to_file() failed.
    Changed name of post data file to SBBS_POST.*.*.data (it's not necessarily
    So now, uploads > 1MB work, but questions remain:
    - wouldn't PUT be a more appropriate method (than POST) for file uploads?
    - how can we support post_data > MAX_POST_LEN (now 4MB) in JS?