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    A partial retraction of the Ctrl-AZ interpretation changes introduced on · b2412964
    rswindell authored
    It turns out, PabloDraw actually inserts a Ctrl-AZ sequence at the end of .msg
    (and presumably Synchronet .asc) files it edits - before the SAUCE record.
    This resulted in a printed Ctrl-Z character (arrow pointing right) in most
    terminals when viewing text/menu files created or edited with PabloDraw. :-(
    So, now Ctrl-AZ (uppercase) will revert to the previous definition:
    premature end-of-file (EOF)
    and a Ctrl-Az (lowercase) will output a Ctrl-Z (substitute) character.
    I'm not a big fan of case-sensitive Ctrl-A codes, but frankly, running out of
    chars and I already started this pattern with the Ctrl-AF/f sequences.
    Hopefully there's no existing software that is/was putting Ctrl-Az (lowercase)
    in files, expecting that to trigger a premature EOF. I certainly was not.