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    Error messages logged with errormsg() now contain the name of the C/C++ · b4b6713e
    rswindell authored
    function where the error is being reported from. So the WHERE macro now
    contains the __FUNCTION__ "macro" and the various js*.c files that use the
    WHERE macro to report errors had to be updated too.
    Also, the 'access' argument is now being passed as a signed long rather than
    unsigned long. Status/return values are often passed in here (e.g. from smblib)
    and may be negative. This argument was being displayed with %ld but wasn't
    being passed in as a signed value, so on 64-bit long systems, negative numbers
    were just printed as large (4M+) numbers.
    Also, no need to call getfname() in errormsg() since this is embedded in the
    WHERE macro (since 2009).