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    sbbs_t::bputs() now checks online value in while() loop. · d13fc8f6
    rswindell authored
    sbbs_t::rputs() now:
    * Can accept an optional length argument which allows it to output strings
    with embedded NULs if desired.
    * If a call to outcom() fails, terminates and returns the sent number of chars.
    * Performs Telnet IAC escaping when appropriate.
    * Checks online value in while() loop.
    * No longer output to log if "on local" - event scripts aren't expected to use
    this function.
    JS console.write() and writeln() now use rputs() instead of putcom() so that
    Telnet IAC chars are escaped when necessary and saveline/restoreline will work.
    sbbs_t::putcom() now returns the number of chars sent successfully.