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    Bug-fix/enhancement: Allow QWKnet netmail to be sent using the JavaScript · d2892791
    rswindell authored
    MsgBase.save_msg() method. The bug was that it was forcing the idx.to value to
    0 which would only work (in theory) for mail going to a QWKnet hub.
    Now, save_msg() will check the 'to_net_addr' property of the header object
    (or recipient objects) and actually verify that it/they are routeable QWKnet
    address(es) and throw an exception if not.
    If the first hop is a QWKnet node, sets the to_ext (and thus, idx.to value) to
    the account number of the node. This also looks up full-routes via the
    route.dat and replaces the to_net_addr value with the full route if necessary.
    I guess nobody (including me) tried sending QWKnet netmail via JS before.